Amazing! These are the 5 fastest knockouts

In combat sports, one of the most difficult but blunt techniques to win the opponent is knockout. The movement usually defines who is the winner in sports such as boxing, mixed martial arts, muay thai or kickboxing.

Zolani Tete knockout to his rival, Siboniso Gonya.

Zolani Tete knockout to his rival, Siboniso Gonya. / Taken from:

LatinAmerican Post | Laura Viviana Guevara Muñoz

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The term refers to being out of combat, an action that disables the athlete from rising from the surface where he is fighting either because he is unconscious due to the blows received or because he is very fatigued.

In his time, David Haye, former world heavyweight champion who won 25 of his 27 knockout victories, told the BBC what was the key to making a blunt blow. This is how Haye explained that it does not necessarily depend on muscle strength but on "people who can move from one place to another fast can not only hit hard, they are also able to knock out their rivals."

In addition, Haye explains to the BBC that his technique stands out for focusing “on trying to be able to throw the punches very quickly and hit people without them being able to see the blow. If you connect a blow without them knowing that it is coming they cannot avoid it, so the impact will be much greater. ”

Such is the speed of the movements that in just seconds there have been knockouts. That is why in LatinAmerican Post we compile the fastest knockouts made in a fight.

1. AJ McKee – 8 seconds

In the middle of the mixed martial arts competitions, under the Bellator company, the tournaments that are organized go according to the weight category, and each winner is awarded $100,000 in a check.


Una publicación compartida por AJ McKee (@ajmckee101) el


The American only had to have eight seconds to qualify for the next round of Bellator 228 in the featherweight category. Mckee hit rival Georgi Karakhanyan, who was disabled to return to the fight. According to Fox Sports, it is the “fifteenth victory as a professional. His undefeated remains intact. ”


Una publicación compartida por AJ McKee (@ajmckee101) el


2. Rikki Wyatt – 3 seconds

And if it seemed eight seconds a short time to eliminate the opponent, three are the seconds that took the British to knock out his opponent. Wyatt, who also fights in mixed martial arts, in the middle of the Raged UK event.


His opponent, Yannick Jones, was eliminated in the blink of an eye. According to La Verdad, a carelessness and low guard was overwhelming for Jones, since Wyatt took the opportunity to give the final blow, and the referee, after verifying that Jones did not respond to the second blow thrown by Wyatt, decided to end the commitment . In this way, Wyatt not only took the win but was attributed as the fastest knockout in the history of mixed martial arts.


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3. Jorge Masvidal – 5 seconds

You would be surprised to know that both this and the previous two records all happened this year . Well, Masvidal got a shocking knee to his opponent Ben Askren. According to Fox, when he entered the ring and started the fight, Askren went in search of his opponent's left knee.


Una publicación compartida por Jorge Masvidal (@gamebredfighter) el

But it was at that moment that Masvidal raised his right knee impacting Askren's face, that until the moment of the fight he remained undefeated. Askren took five seconds to stop being undefeated in the UFC championship.


Una publicación compartida por @ufc_fight_club_ el


4. Duane "Bang" Ludwig – 6 seconds

The one that was recorded as one of the longest records in the history of the UFC. It happened in the UFC Fight Night championship, an event that has been held since January 2006. On this occasion, Ludwig faced Jonathan Goulet, for the preliminary letter of the welterweight or middleweight.


Una publicación compartida por Michael Williams (@michael_williams_pt) el


Ludwig only had six seconds to shoot his jaw and make Goulet fall immediately. While the referee canceled the fight around six seconds, "the official timekeeper was wrong in some way and did not stop the clock until the 11-second mark, which is the official stop time of the fight," according to Grunge . Despite this mistake, the UFC ratified it with the record.


5. Zolani Tete – 11 seconds

Endorsed as the fastest boxing knockout, the record was taken by South African Zolani Tete who competed in the World Boxing Organization (WBO) for the bantamweight.


Ready for the next victim…

Una publicación compartida por zolani tete (@zolanitete) el


Tete faced Siboniso Gonya, a rival to whom he applied a hook at six seconds of combat. Gonya fell to the canvas without being able to recover and after the eleven-second mark, the time it took for the referee to stop the match, specialized services arrived to supply him with oxygen.

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