Argentina to Power: 7 “Albicelestes” Coaches in the South American Qualifiers

The South American qualifiers for the 2026 world championship are about to begin. This is why all the Latin American teams are specifying the arrival of new coaches.


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It is no secret to anyone that Argentine coaches are currently the most popular. Their outstanding performance in Latin American competitions and the arrival of several soccer exponents to European lands generated a revolution in the way of directing these Latin American coaches.

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Likewise, the immediate success of Lionel Scaloni in the last World Cup in Qatar 2022, laid the foundations for Argentine coaches to have a greater number of opportunities in outstanding teams. That is why, for the start of the next South American Qualifiers, there will be 7 coaches born in Argentina who will be directing the best teams on the continent.

The process is maintained

The Argentine National Team confirmed the continuity of Lionel Scaloni for many more years, so this young coach will have the chance to continue demonstrating his talent in the next South American qualifiers. The great challenge of the 'Albiceleste' for this competition is to get first place in this tournament, in order to make it clear that they are currently the best team in the world.

In addition to this, the arrival of young talents will be essential for this team, remembering that several of its most outstanding players will enter the final stage of their careers as professional players. As a consequence of this, Scaloni will have to put together a new generation of athletes to enhance the level of competition of his team.

The return of 'El Loco'

The Uruguayan National Team was the last selected to make the arrival of an Argentine coach official for the upcoming South American qualifiers. After his failure in the last World Cup and his bad performance in the Copa América, the 'Charrúas' boards decided to hire Marcelo 'El Loco' Bielsa.

The signing of this coach is one of the most important news for the start of this competition, recalling the importance he had when he led Argentina and Chile a few years ago. Likewise, his arrival in Uruguay has all his fans excited, who hope to see his team again in the top positions of the entire continent.

An old acquaintance

After failing to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar, the Colombian National Team began a new sports process, which will be led by Argentine strategist Néstor Lorenzo. This is an old acquaintance for the 'tricolor', since he was José Pékerman's technical assistant a few years ago.

Lorenzo's main objective in Colombia is to obtain a direct ticket for the 2026 world championship. This aspect will have to go hand in hand with the arrival of a new generation of players, since, currently, the cafetero team has a number of exaggerated of veteran soccer players.

The new generation of gold

Chile is one of the most disappointing teams in recent years, its absence in the past world, set a precedent for a change in 'La Roja'. Faced with this sad situation, the Argentine coach Eduardo Berizzo was ratified in his position, with the intention that this coach can restore glory to all the Chilean people.

Berizzo will not only have to qualify for the 2026 world championship, but will have to build a new squad with young talents, remembering that the so-called golden generation has already said goodbye to the National Team. Given this, his new coach has the obligation to put together a new team from scratch.

A long term job

Another of the National Teams that made the decision to sign an Argentine coach was that of Paraguay. Guillermo Barros Schelotto will be in charge of directing the 'Guaraníes' in the South American qualifiers. This strategist has already been working for several months with this team, so his process has some advantages over the other selected ones.

With this small advantage, Schelotto will start this competition with several young talents, which will be essential for Paraguay to make its return to the world championships, something that has not been achieved since 2010.

They look for the most difficult goals

Venezuela and Bolivia are the humblest selected in the South American Qualifiers. Despite this, its managers intend to fight for a place in the next world championship. Faced with this clear objective, they hired the coaches Fernando Batista and Gustavo Costas, respectively, strategists who will have the task of empowering all their players for the start of this important competition.

Of the 10 Conmebol teams, 7 decided to hire Argentine coaches, something that had never happened in the history of the South American Qualifiers. Now it remains to be seen what happens at the beginning of this competition, which will be marked by a unique style of play, a quality that will make the fight for the places for the 2026 World Cup even more exciting.

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