Arsenal has already laid eyes on this Brazilian star

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The 'Gunners' of the Premier League, would be willing to make an effort to have the services of Gabriel Martinelli, just 17 years old and who still plays in the League of his country

Arsenal has already laid eyes on this Brazilian star

Gabriel Martinelli was born in 2001 in Guarulhos, São Paulo; He started his career in 2010 with Corinthians, a futsal team that helped him to be trained in this sport, to reach Ituano when he was only 13 years old. Subsequently, he had the opportunity to participate in tests with great soccer teams such as Manchester United and FC Barcelona.

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The first professional contract of this young soccer promise was signed on November 4, 2017, lasting until October 2022 and with only 16 years and nine months, he managed to become the youngest player to debut for that club in the century.

At the moment, Martinelli is shining in the Paulista match and is considered as one of the players with greater projection in this sport; for this reason, the Arsenal has shown interest in contracting it. According to the English newspaper The Sun, the talks with the young promise are on the right track, after agreeing with a figure close to 6 million Euros with its current club Ituano.

According to the Spanish web portal CEROACERO, the attacker has surprised with his numbers in the local tournament, since he has played 14 matches in the Brazilian league and has scored 6 times. Also, he has played 4 games in the São Paulo soccer junior cup and has scored 6 goals.

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Marcos Casseb, agent of the young player, said that Martinelli has aspirations to move to a European club of the first level and according to the newspaper The Sun, Casseb told Globo Esporte: "To be honest, we expected this to happen. Its evolution since last year is very fast; it is above average. "Initial planning is for him to go directly to Europe."

It says Trashes. Net, that the London team is willing to allow Martinelli to continue in Ituano, his club in Brazil, for the rest of the year and to travel to England in January. However, before any activity with the club, the first thing that the young person must do is acquire the citizenship of the European Union, so as not to apply for a British work permit that has many obstacles.

The same media remembers that the Arsenal was one of the pioneers during the stage of Arséne Wenger in detecting talents at a precocious age. That's why he has captured on his radar a talent from Brazil, a country of an inexhaustible pool of players. In this case, as revealed by information from The Sun, the player already arouses sighs in other Brazilian clubs with greater potential.

For the Latin American region, it is a source of pride that more and more clubs of great importance are focusing their attention on Latin American players, because it shows that the region is full of young talents who only need an opportunity to demonstrate that discipline, effort and the desire to move forward is the most important thing when it comes to achieving dreams.

It is expected that, with the rise of the great teams to get young soccer promises, Latin America will have greater representation and that this will generate greater economic and social growth.


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