Bad Bunny: From Musical Star to A Career in the World of Wrestling

The singer Bad Bunny put aside his musical career to focus on one of his greatest passions, wrestling. We tell you what this artist achieved in Backlash.

Bad Bunny in boxing ring

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Last weekend, WWE, the largest North American wrestling company, held its Backlash event, in which the world music star Bad Bunny took all the spotlights for his outstanding presentation. To the surprise of all the fans, the artist demonstrated his love and respect for this sport, an aspect that led him to earn the respect of all the fans and professional fighters in this sport.

A new revolution

In addition to being the presenter of this important event, the reggaeton singer had the chance to bring a pay-per-view event to Puerto Rico after more than 15 years, since the last WWE show held in this country was in 2005. After confirming his contract for several months with this sports company, the musician always commented on his wish that an event of this magnitude could be experienced again in his homeland.

Bad Bunny currently has his musical career in the background, so he took advantage of the best way to set up an event on the Caribbean island himself. This became one of the most acclaimed in recent years, since it was plagued with good moments of the fight and unexpected returns to the ring.

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In the press conference prior to this event, Bad Bunny commented on his excitement at being able to carry out this event in his country. “I remember, the last time WWE was here in Puerto Rico was at the 2005 New Years Revolution, I was a little boy and I couldn't attend the event, that made me very sad. So when WWE approached me for our first collaboration I let them know my condition was that I wanted them to bring a big event to my island, and after more than 15 years I got it. Tonight is the first SmackDown in Puerto Rico and tomorrow a big event like Backlash."

Backlash 2023, an event for history

WWE has always been characterized by having the participation of great stars of music, cinema and even politics, remembering the participation of Donald Trump in 2007. However, in this year's Backlash event it had for the first time an artist who not only fought, but also demonstrated his great talent and respect within the ring, earning the affection of all the fans.

The singer Bad Bunny had the chance to have a "San Juan-style street" fight against fellow Puerto Rican Damien Priest, a professional wrestler who has been in this company for several years and who was in charge of making the singer look even more at the time of his combat.

For this fight, the singer had one of the best entrances this year, in which all his compatriots exploded in euphoria before entering the sports scene. Likewise, the fireworks and their representative music gave a touch of grandeur to the live show.

A new facet

Throughout the fight, Bad Bunny was seen in great physical condition, perfectly performing maneuvers, areas and various holds that left all the spectators surprised. With this kind of action, the Puerto Rican singer ended up earning the respect of all wrestling fans, remembering that this is not his first appearance in a ring.

With his feud with Damien Priest, the urban music singer showed that, despite not being a professional athlete, he has the charisma and talent necessary to execute great fights. His constant movements from the ropes and his Canadian Destroyer are some clear examples of the hard work that Bad Bunny has done to perfectly execute this kind of fight.

On the other hand, it should be noted that, thanks to its presence, Backlash is considered one of the most important events of this company this year. Given this outstanding presentation within the ring and the media show that the singer generated by signing his contract with this company, WWE is the clear beneficiary, since whenever Bad Bunny appears on its stages, the company's profits increase.

From Puerto Rico to the world

Backlash 2023 will go down in history as one of the most relevant sporting events held in Puerto Rico, a country that lived up to it and showed that it is ready to continue hosting this kind of show. During all the fights, the fans who attended the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum of Puerto Rico showed their taste and love for wrestling and especially their feeling with one of the most relevant artists today.

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