Being Overweight Will No Longer Be a Limitation for Cycling

The use of the bicycle has become much more than a sport. Many people in the world dedicate themselves to this activity, and not exclusively as a sport. It is also part of their daily lives because they use it as an alternative means of transport. 

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Today, bicycles are for all tastes: Large, small, long, sophisticated, and simple. But the best ones are those that adapt to the user's needs.

Recently, the Colombian Edgar Sarmiento had the idea of ​​designing a bicycle especially for people with obesity. He began to think about what would be the best and how he would roll his idea, always thinking of something that could be useful, practical, functional, and beneficial for the population suffering from obesity.

But, this bicycle would not only help people in a condition of obesity, but also those who cannot move, due to some limitations. "It is not just any bicycle, it is for a very special public, with overweight conditions and some limitations." The idea is that this bike benefits obese people, in Colombia and in the world.

To Ride a Bike

The idea was already there, but how do I do it ?, what do I do ?, where do I start? were his initial questions. At first, he proposed alternatives, they passed many sketches, he analyzed proposals until he said: "Let's get the bar out of the center of the bike!"

The bicycle is aimed at all people who want to exercise, but who are not in a great physical condition and have difficulties when using a normal one. All this is in order to motivate the practice of this sport.

However, among the benefits are the strengthening of the muscles of the legs, since they are in constant movement, in addition to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Also, it is a very good practice to avoid back pain and helps users to prevent a sedentary lifestyle.


It is then a fairly efficient and creative means of transport, designed for people with obesity or some limitation, in order to make their movement and mobility more efficient.

In recent years, the bicycle has become an alternative means of transportation, due to the mobility and movement facilities of those who use it, while contributing to the environment and reducing pollution. This physical exercise allows those who practice it to oxygenate the brain and generate hormones that allow a balance not only physical but also mental.

Although the bicycle was designed for overweight people, its creator commented that it has been liked so much, that people ask where they can buy it. "Even people of all ages say they would not hesitate to have it." Said like this, the potential users are more than what was initially thought.

And the Patent Was Achieved

Upon his return to Colombia, he raised the situation with the University so that it could receive the patent. And he started another process, somewhat complex, but with a very successful ending. A journey that began in 2014, amidst legal procedures, reached the finish line in April 2021, when his bike received a patent from the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC). "It was an extensive process, there were seven years of legal discussions, but very serious and we succeeded and we have to celebrate."

It is important to clarify that the UIS was the one that obtained the patent. "I designed it, I am the inventor, but the University owns the idea, I am an employee of the University, and the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) paid for all of the patents."

On this bicycle, you can pedal smoothly, and the person does not have to stop on the pedals if they want to gain momentum; with their body, they are advancing.

Another novelty is that "you can lean on the back and it is very easy to pedal. Likewise, to get on it is not necessary to mount the leg over a bar, as in the traditional ones, and this is a concept that makes it efficient."

Already with the patent, its creator hopes that it will be commercialized by interested companies and that it may soon be on the market, in order to scale it to the needs of users as it has been since the birth of this wonderful idea.

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