Catalina Usme: Profile of the star of the Colombian Women’s National Team

Who is Catalina Usme? We tell you everything about the star of the Colombian Women's National Team .

Catalina Usme

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Everyone talks about her: Catalina Usme is the star of the Colombian Women's National Team. Cata Usme, as some media have already called her, has surprised by her eloquence and her execution in the Women's World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. Difficult to intimidate and concrete in her goals, Catalina has raised not only the image of the Colombian national team but also that of Latin American women's soccer.

Who is this rising star of the Colombian National Team? Here we tell you.

Her ticket to professional football

Although you may not know about her until now, Catalina Usme has been playing soccer for more than 15 years. Born in Marinilla, Antioquia, Usme began playing in 2007 for Club Deportivo Formas Íntimas, a club in the Antioquia League that strives for the empowerment of women through the encouragement of their sports opportunities.

Later, in 2017, she entered the young and hard-fought Colombian Professional Women's Soccer League when Dimayor finally decided to professionalize women's soccer in Colombia. Since then she has played for América de Cali, the runner-up team in the last tournament.

Victories with América de Cali

His team has always been América de Cali, except for a brief period, which only lasted three games, with Santa Fe de Bogotá. With América de Cali, she has reached four finals of the Women's League in her country and she has won two of those.

Two-time champion of Colombian Professional Soccer, Usme has also scored international goals with América de Cali. Her performance in the 2020 Copa Libertadores was outstanding, of which she was the top scorer. This championship also earned her a nomination for Best Soccer Player in the World in 2021 by the International Federation of Soccer History and Statistics. In that same year, she was also the top scorer in her country's Professional Women's League.

In the 2022 Copa Libertadores, América de Cali reached the semifinals, when they were defeated by Deportivo Palmeiras. He then thrashed Deportivo Cali in the match for third place.

With the Colombian National Team

Catalina scored her first international goal with the Colombia shirt. This was in a friendly game against Chile in 2010. Since then she hasn't stopped. She is recognized for being difficult to intimidate and for being convinced not only of her own talent but also of her peers.

At the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, he took the gold medal with the Colombian National Team. Before this, she had already positioned herself as the top scorer for the women's team when in 2018 she scored 4 goals in a single game against the Uruguayan team.

Today she is the top scorer for both teams, as she even surpasses Radamel Falcao, the top scorer for the men's team.

World Cups

Before the current World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, Catalina Usme played in the one that took place in Canada, in 2015. Colombia reached the round of 16 at that time. Now, he has taken the Colombian National Team further than it had ever gone in a World Cup.

His performance in this World Cup has been incredible. She has been applauded by many and has shared stardom with her teammates. The first match of the Colombian National Team broke broadcast records in the country, proving that women's soccer can be a profitable business with the help of the fans. His statements after each game are eloquent and emotional. She is not intimidated by the traditionally winning teams and trusts his team's strategy.

Figures like Catalina Usme are fundamental in the progress of women's soccer in the region and their performance gives impetus to young women who want to seek professional sports opportunities.

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