Champions semi-finals, Bayern’s new coach and other sports news

Here the most important sports news of the week

Julian Nagelsmann

These were the most relevant sports news of this week. Photo: TW-juliannagelsman

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Bayern hired the most expensive coach in history

This week, Bayern Munich announced that Julian Nagelsmann would replace Hans Flick as the team's manager. The current Super League champion surprised the world with this news, not only because of the duration of the contract (5 years), but also because of its high cost. Nagelsmann cost Bayern 25 million euros, a figure that makes him the most expensive coach in football history.

The 33-year-old coach, who until recently was the manager of Leipzig in the Bundesliga, will have the difficult task of managing Germany's best team, while Flick enlists to coach the national team.

Steph Curry records the month with the most triples in NBA history

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors continues to mark his legacy as the greatest pitcher in NBA history. On Sunday of last week he broke the record for the most triples in a month in his game against the Sacramento Kings. Curry hit his 83rd triple in April, surpassing the previous record of 82 set by James Harden in 2019.

With his game against the Mavericks, Curry finished with a total of 90 3s in April. (As of press time, he has not played the Timberwolves, his last game of the month.)


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Chelsea complicated the series for Real Madrid

With a 1-1 draw, Chelsea complicated the semi-final of the Champions League for Real Madrid. With a goal from Christian Pulisic, the English team opened the scoring in the 14th minute. Karim Benzema leveled the match before half an hour into the game, but it's still hard not to see this draw as a defeat for Madrid.

Despite the vast majority of analysts favoring Chelsea due to this result, the team's manager, Thomas Tuchel, classified it as "disappointing".

The return leg will be on Wednesday next week in London. The winner of this match will face the winner of Manchester City-Paris Saint Germain.


Manchester City took the lead against PSG

In the other semi-finals in Europe, Manchester City, the best team in the Premier League, beat PSG 2-1 in their first match.

Despite Marquinos giving the French team the lead early, City managed to come back with goals from Kevin de Bruyne and Riyad Mahrez. “There were two different halves, we did well in the first one, but it is difficult to eliminate a team like City. We deserved to be ahead, but they were better than us and dominated the second half, ” said Mauricio Pochettino DT of PSG in an interview.

The next game between these two teams will be played on May 4.



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