Children of Colombian athletes who followed in the footsteps of their parents

These children of Colombian athletes also shine in the world of sports

Sebastián and Juan Pablo Montoya

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Recently, Sebastián Montoya, the son of Juan Pablo Montoya, won his first professional race in the Asian Regional Formula. Sebastián has already competed in the Italian Formula 4 Championship and the ADAC Formula 4 in Germany. The 16-year-old is clearly following in his father’s footsteps as a professional racer. This made us wonder, what other cases like him exist in Colombia? Here we present some of them.

María Camila Osorio

Osorio is undoubtedly the best female tennis player in the country today and one of the best in Latin America. A small part of this, no doubt, is due to her sporting heritage. Her father, Juan Carlos, was a professional soccer player in the minor divisions of Cúcuta Deportivo and her grandfather was part of the Colombian National Team, playing 24 games in the 1960s. Currently, Osorio is the 50th best tennis player in the WTA with just 20 years.

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Jhon Córdoba

This 28-year-old forward currently plays as a professional in the Russian Premier League, playing for Krasnodar. Well, it turns out that Jhon is the son of the great Manuel Acisclo Córdoba who had a tour of several teams in the Colombian league in the 80s. Acisclo played 602 games in the Colombian league, scoring 144 goals. Jhon has already played almost 300 matches at the world level and has scored 85 goals, so he is on his way to surpassing his father.

Andrés the “Rifle” Andrade

Andrés Andrade, current midfielder for Atlético Nacional, is the son of former soccer player Adolfo Andrade. Adolfo played a total of 273 matches in the Colombian Professional Championship, scoring 29 goals. Andrés has far surpassed his father’s career, scoring 57 goals in 411 professional games.

Radamel Falcao García

Although Falcao is in the final years of his career, it is safe to say that he has been much more successful than his father, Radamel García. The latter played as a central defender from 1977 to 1996 in several teams in the Colombian and Venezuelan professional soccer league.

There was obviously a good relationship between the two. “He was very important. I wanted to be a soccer player for him. I went to school and then I went to training with him. He made the decision to return to Colombia for me. He was always with me and when I played he was the first to correct me. Even when I scored goals, he was the first to call me and tell me the mistakes because he always wanted me to improve. Thank God he was able to see me play a World Cup. He is the best coach I had in my life”, said “El Tigre” (as Radamel is known) about his father in an interview.

Santiago Trellez

Santiago is a center forward son of John Jairo Tréllez, a player who triumphed in Colombian soccer in the 1980s. John Jairo was in the Suramericano Juvenil in 1985 and was champion of the Libertadores with Nacional in 1989. His son hasn’t had the same fortune, since he has moved between various clubs since 2007, without finding success. He is currently without a club, but the last team he played for was São Paulo Futebol Clube.

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