Christian Eriksen: From Surviving Cardiac Arrest to Denmark Captain

The Danish captain in Qatar 2022, Christian Eriksen, was about to leave football forever, and today he leads Denmark's dream in the World Cup .

Christian Eriksen

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Christian Eriksen is a player recognized by most soccer fans. Despite being Danish by birth, it was at Ajax in Amsterdam (Netherlands) where he became known in world football. At the Dutch club, Eriksen won a national Cup, 3 Eredivisie and a Dutch Super Cup. His good performance made him reach England, where he played for Tottenham Hotspurs. In the London club he was one of its greatest figures for 7 seasons, which even came to sound to play in teams like Real Madrid. However, he preferred to have a change of environment and in 2019 he came to Italy to play for Inter Milan. It was here, during his time in Italy, where he experienced one of the most difficult moments of his professional and personal career.

The Dane made all the covers of the sports media during the Euro Cup held in 2021, during the first game of the group stage. At the time, Denmark was playing Finland at the Parken Stadion in Copenhagen. At minute 42 of the first half, Eriksen collapsed on the field, which caused the immediate reaction of medical assistance and his teammates and opponents.

The images of the entire Denmark team surrounding Eriksen as he was revived on the pitch were shocking. Thanks to cardiopulmonary resuscitation and timely defibrillation, the player who emerged from Ajax was urgently transported to a medical center.

Later, it was learned that Eriksen was stabilized and was awake. The medical staff determined that it was necessary to implant an automatic defibrillator device to prevent future cardiorespiratory arrest.

Return to High Level Football

Despite his recovery, the 29-year-old Dane was unable to return to play for his club, Inter Milan. Under Italian regulations, players with pacemakers were not allowed to play professional football. So, he decided to end the contract with the interistas.

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However, Eriksen refused to forcibly give up football. Then, 6 months after his medical problem, he asked to be sent to play for Brentford in the Premier League. Unlike Italy, in England it is allowed to play professional football with a pacemaker, which opened up opportunities for the Dane. His good performance allowed him to recently sign for Manchester United, where he currently plays.

Denmark at the World Cup in Qatar 2022

The most recent appearances of the midfielder in the red team of Manchester earned him to be summoned by his country again. Now, the former Inter Milan player hopes to overcome with his team the group that he shares with Tunisia, France, and Australia. Even with his pacemaker, Eriksen demonstrated his desire to return to top competition and play his third world cup (he previously played in South Africa 2010 and Russia 2018).

Despite the fact that Denmark is currently not the favorite in the World Cup or even to be the first in their group, Christian Eriksen can already say with certainty that he is a champion. The simple fact of going from being in a bed after a cardiopulmonary arrest, and today returning to represent his country in the most important competition, is worth more than any trophy.

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