Christiane Endler: the goalkeeper who triumphs in the Women’s World Cup

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After incredible performances against Sweden and the United States in the event that takes place in France, the southern goalkeeper is in the spotlight

Christiane Endler: the goalkeeper who triumphs with her saves in the Women's World Cup

Each FIFA World Cup is an unparalleled window to showcase talents. Above all, the youth and women, where the protagonists are not known. On this occasion, it was the edition of France 2019 that put the Chilean goalkeeper Christiane Endler in the limelight, who excelled in her country's matches against Sweden and the United States, and made news in several international media as a result.

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The BBC of Spain assured that the austral goal "produced several excellent saves in an amazing performance". The former player of the US national team, Alexis Lalas, said on his Twitter account that "Tiane" is "the best goalkeeper in the world". In turn, The New York Times noted that "only a tremendous effort by the goalkeeper of Chile, Christiane Endler, kept the result in the United States-Chile closer than something similar to the score in the first match of the Americans against Thailand".

Al Aire Libre de Chile highlighted the main tweets that praised Endler. The account @InvictosSomos, for example, ensures that the collective results have not been given, but that Endler proved that she is one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

The Chile page Ace said that Endler is currently playing for France's PSG, with whom, in fact, she renewed until 2021. After signing, she said "I am delighted to extend my contract with Paris Saint-Germain. Progress in this group and I think we still have beautiful things to achieve together. "

Endler began his career in the Colo Colo of his country and then was in Valencia of Spain, all that experience allowed him to consolidate as the owner of his country. In May of this year, she was the champion of the French Cup. In addition, during 2019 Endler won the captain's armband of 'La Roja'.

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Compliments come and go

Biobío Chile noted that the goal of 'La Roja' has won the praise of the world of football for its great performance in the Women's World Cup in France, mainly in the game against the United States, in which despite the defeat by 3- 0 before a much more powerful selection, had outstanding performances that prevented a scorch of scandal for his country, which debuted in the Women's World Cup. After the match, the American magazine Slate highlighted the national team, cataloging it as the "star of the show".

Another comment from the same media stated: "The goalkeeper Christiane Endler stopped the United States in the second half, stopping one shot after another and patrolling her area like a Boston Dynamics robot with the intention of overthrowing the human race."

At the time, they also added "The saves of Endler helped with the difference of goals from Chile, keeping them alive as one of the four best third to advance to the knockout phase," they added, and as Biobio Chile replied.

Another article by AS Chile summarized the performance of Endler, indicating that she had six interventions throughout the match, which added to the five that she faced Sweden, for 11 in total that placed her as the goalkeeper with the most amount of cover in what goes of the World Cup, in the first phase.

In the second half against the USA, they recalled a point-blank save to Christen Press, and then before the same Press, flew to clear a headbutt that sneaked into a corner. Until the end, Endler did not award another goal, and his performance was praised by his rivals. "Chile has a great goalkeeper, and today he showed it, has spectacular conditions, and prevented us from converting more goals," said a frustrated Press in the mixed zone.

The presentation of the PSG player in this World Cup confirms her brilliant present. Endler has no doubts and continues to exhibit his remarkable reflections, in addition to keeping Chile standing, which came to that last game against Thailand with options to advance as the best third.


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