Colombia Champion of the South American Youth Squash

Colombia continues to show that it is one of the great Latin American powers in squash

Colombia youth squash team

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Squash has become one of the sports that has been bringing joy to all Colombians, who have had the opportunity to see the great performances of their athletes. Over the years, this racket competition has begun to bear fruit, an aspect that has been achieved with the foundations that have been forming for some seasons.

The birth of a power

In the last South American Youth Squash Championship, the Colombian National Team in these categories has once again demonstrated its dominance in this region, managing to add 18 medals in the different competitions of this tournament. By achieving this large number of medals, the tricolor has once again won the title of continental champion.

During these days of competitions, the young Colombian talents had the chance to add 18 medals, of which seven were gold, two silver and nine bronze. With this magnificent presentation, Colombia has achieved its seventh continental title, marking a historic milestone for the region in these youth games.

The great architects of this achievement were Martín Mejía, Lucía Scarpeta, Thomas Rodríguez, Luciana Martínez, José Santamaría, Juan José Torres, Juan Irisarri and the men's team, who climbed to the top of the podium in the Under-13 categories, Sub-15 and Sub-19.

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In addition to highlighting the work of these youth champions, it should be mentioned that Juan Irisarri and the couple made up of Dailyn Simancas and Juliana Gómez were in charge of winning the two silver medals in these competitions. This is a great achievement for these young athletes, who have been demonstrating their talent for several years.

In this championship, the bronzes came thanks to Amelia Pinto, Tomás Scarpeta, María Camila Sabogal, Juan Martínez, Juan José Torres, Sophia Morales, José Santamaría, Sara Caicedo and the women's team.

Promising future

With these kinds of presentations, the future of the Colombian Squash Team is very promising, taking into account that Colombian athletes have been winning important titles for this new sport from a very young age, which has been growing by leaps and bounds over the years. .

One of the pillars for the growth of squash in Colombia is Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, a 37-year-old Colombian athlete who has had a career to stand out in this sport. Over the years, the squash player has become one of the most outstanding in the world, an aspect that has helped him to leave the name of his country high for several years.

The history of Miguel Ángel Rodríguez has been taken to set an example for great future generations. Thanks to these outstanding presentations, the foundations of this new sport have been laid, an aspect that could become fundamental in turning Colombia into a world power in squash.

A possible global power

With the great results obtained in recent years in this sport, the Ministry of Sports and the Colombian Olympic Committee have been working hand in hand to finish promoting young talents in squash. This work was born with the aim of showing the world that Colombia has enough talent to become a main country in this discipline.

By continuing to work in this way, in a few years, Colombia could have its greatest exponents among the top positions in the world ranking, since all its young talents have had the opportunity to demonstrate their full potential for the following seasons. This is why the coffee country has a huge chance to catapult itself into the world of squash.

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