Companies that Have Entered the World of Soccer

Qatar Sports, City Group and Red Bull are some of the organizations that have taken over clubs worldwide. Here we tell you this story.

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It is increasingly common for companies to invest in clubs in sports, especially soccer, becoming the top shareholders or the sole owners. Because of this, there are teams that have gained prominence in sports on all continents, perhaps the most recognized cases are those of Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City.

Qatar Sports Investments

This company was born in 2004 with the ambition to invest in lucrative projects related to sports in Qatar and internationally. According to the official website of the organization, "the founders consider that sports, leisure, and entertainment are part of social and human development." It was in 2011, when this group decided to invest in PSG with the aim of making the club a leading player locally and internationally.

With more than 1,000 million euros invested, Paris Saint-Germain has been champion of the French League 8 times, has won the French Cup 6 times and the French Super Cup 8 times. However, the great objective of the French team is the Champions League, a tournament that has eluded them to this day.

Likewise, this company in 2022 bought 21% of the shares of Sporting Braga, a traditional team in Portuguese soccer.

City Football Group

This company is perhaps one of the organizations that has acquired the most soccer teams in the world. The organization acquired Manchester City as the flagship team and, in this way, the club became a protagonist in English and European soccer.

Melbourne City became the second team to make the group and the Australian side have since gone from strength to strength, claiming their first trophy in 2016. Since then, they have clinched back-to-back Premiership trophies and the Championsip in 2021.

Mumbai City, an Indian team founded in 2015, has managed to improve each season thanks to the company's investment. Their first title was achieved in the 2020-2021 season after being the best in the local league.

New York City is another of the clubs that this company has acquired on its list. Despite players of the stature of David Villa, Frank Lampard or Andrea Pirlo, the club did not win a title until 2021, where it was crowned in the MLS Cup.

Spain's Girona, Japan's Yokohama, Uruguay's Montevideo City, China's Sichuan Jiuniu, Belgium's Lommel SK and France's Troyes are the other teams in which City Football Group has acquired or become the owner.

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Red Bull

The famous energy drink company has also entered the world of soccer and acquired several clubs in the world. Their first investment happened in 2005, when the organization decided to buy SV Austria Sazlburg and turned it into Red Bull Salzburg, a team that has won titles locally and has competed in Europe.

The New York Red Bulls were the second team that this organization bought with the aim of selling the brand in the United States. With the hiring of Juan Pablo Ángel, Thierry Henry, Rafa Márquez, among others, the company has managed to boost its brand in this country.

In 2007, the Austrian company entered South American soccer by creating a team in Brazil. Red Bull Bragantino was born from the lowest categories in Brazilian soccer to reach the top and compete in international tournaments such as the Copa Sudamericana and Copa Libertadores. .

Perhaps the flagship team of this company is RB Leipzig, a team that in 2009 was called SSV Marktrastadt and that played in amateur categories in Germany. The organization changed that name and put him to play in the Bundesliga and in a regular place in the Champions League.

More and more companies or businessmen are interested in the world of soccer, the last major acquisition was made by the Saudi Public Investment Fund, which acquired Newcastle United from England in 2021.

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