CR7 faces sexual abuse accusations: everything you need to know

Cristiano Ronaldo faces accusations of sexual abuse while Juventus does not have a good performance

The international community is scandalized with the appearance of Kathryn Mayorga, 34, who accused Cristiano Ronaldo of an alleged rape, which happened in 2009 in the city of Las Vegas. According to Mayorga, the Portuguese soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo, was her attacker.

Leer en español: ¡Lo que le faltaba a CR7! Sale del anonimato mujer que lo acusa de violación

According to Mundo Deportivo, the Portuguese striker would have paid 375,000 dollars to the woman in question for her to remain silent about the events that took place in a suite of the Palms Hotel in the aforementioned city and months before Ronaldo signed with Real Madrid. The representatives of CR7, shortly after the declararions, threatened to denounce Der Spiegel.

Some details, also revealed by Mundo Deportivo, claim that the woman accuses the Portuguese striker of rape for anal penetration and added that she was asked if she felt pain. As expected, the star denied the accusations based on the fact that the act was consented between the parties.



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Why did she reappear?

The third party in action is Leslie Mark Stovall, the lawyer of Mayorga, who assures that there were irregularities in that silent pact because his client in that moment was not psychologically able to sign anything.

According to Stovall, the woman would have felt safer to denounce her case after seeing different cases of sexual attacks in which the victims have publicly denounced their aggressors.

Cristiano defends himself


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Infobae outlined the tranquility of the Portuguese, who dismissed the accusations and was confident with this statement to get rid of the controversy: "Everything is fine, what they said today is false news, they want to be famous by naming me, everything is fine".

So much so, that the now-Juventus figure, with whom he has not had the best start to the campaign, quickly changed the subject and referred to The Best awards. The textual words reflected by Infobae were as follows: "Congratulations to Luka Modric for winning, prizes are prizes, I already have several, games to win and not to win prizes, I have been at the highest level for 15 years and I am proud of what I have fact".


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Translated from "¡Lo que le faltaba a CR7! Sale del anonimato mujer que lo acusa de violación"

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