Eurocup vs Copa América: How much money does each one pays?

The distribution of money between the most important national team tournaments on both continents varies considerably .

Euro Cup and America's Cup Trophy

The Copa América represents the oldest soccer team competition in the world, while the Eurocup has the advantage of being the continent that best monetizes (and by far) this sport. Photo: LatinAmerican Post

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The Copa América represents the oldest soccer team competition in the world, while the Eurocup has the advantage of being the continent that best monetizes (and by far) this sport. This has already been seen in club level tournaments, where the Champions League distributes 12 times more money than the Copa Libertadores . However, in national teams, this monetary difference is not so abysmal , but it continues to lean considerably in favor of the old continent.

Copa America

Despite the pandemic and the cancellation of Colombia as the venue for the tournament, Conmebol – the regulatory body for soccer in South America – had already confirmed an increase in the cash distributed for the tournament champion . Unfortunately, the rest of the amounts did not receive any kind of increase. In total, Conmebol has allocated 83 million dollars in awards, starting with 4 million dollars to the ten participating South American teams, while the guests -Qatar and Australia- would obtain 2.5 million dollars.



Conmebol anunció que al campeón de Copa America se le otorgará 10 millones de dólares como premio final.

Con respecto a la edición pasado se incrementó 2.5 millones de premio al próximo monarca del torneo sudamericano.

— TERADEPORTES (@Teradeportes) April 30, 2021

The teams that advance to the quarterfinals will receive another payment of 2 million dollars each , from then on the money received will depend on their final position. The fourth place takes an extra 3 million, the third place about 4 million, meanwhile the runner-up will get 5 million, while the champion will receive the glory and double the award: about 10 million, 2.5 million more than the Copa América 2019 . This means that the champion of the Copa América can accumulate in bonuses about 16 million dollars.

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The old continent arrives with more money to distribute, about 450 million dollars . However, this budget must be distributed among 24 teams, twice the teams of Copa América, but unlike Conmebol, UEFA also pays for matches won or drawn in the group stage . First, the teams qualified for the Eurocup get 11.3 million dollars, during the group stage, the teams will receive 1.2 million dollars per game won and half in case of a tie on the scoreboard.


Those classified to the round of 16 charge an extra $ 1.8 million, if they manage to advance to the quarterfinals they take another $ 3 million, the four teams that qualify for the semifinals get $ 4.8 million each. From there it is the final, where the runner-up receives 6.1 million dollars while the champion wins the cup and 9.7 million dollars . In total, if a team wins all its matches in the group stage and is the tournament champion, it can accumulate just over $ 34 million.

Do soccer players also get money?

Unlike club tournaments, where each team receives money and uses it for various investments, including paying a salary to players, at the national team level the same does not happen. Players do not receive a fixed salary for playing in the national team and may not even be called to these competitions according to the decision of the Coach. This is why the national soccer federations agree to bonuses with their players according to the achievement obtained in the competition, which they pay with the money distributed by UEFA or Conmebol. In the case of the Eurocup, the clubs charge a small bonus for giving up their players, these vary according to the number of players per club and the time they spend with the national team.

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