Everything you need to know about the UEFA Nations League

Here you can find some details of the UEFA Nations League and the balance of the first two days of this soccer competition

Everything you need to know about the UEFA Nations League

The first two days of this competition of the 16 groups and the four leagues that make up the UEFA Nations League, the new tournament of European teams that largely replaces the FIFA Date friendly matches, have already culminated. There was nothing new in sports, although the competition format and the possibility of winning places for Euro 2020 look attractive. The renewed Spain and the world champion, France, looked pretty good in this first stop in September.

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Let's concentrate on the A League, which is the one that generates the most excitement when the best ranked European and the five world champions of that continent are found: Germany (Group 1), Italy (Group 3), France (Group 1), Spain and England (Group 4), which will also play its Final Four with the four group winners, which will determine the first place in Euro 2020. The rest of the countries in the first league are Holland (Group 1), Belgium, Switzerland and Iceland (Group 2), Portugal and Poland (Group 3), and Croatia (Group 4).

What you still do not understand about the Nations League

According to the newspaper Marca, the four countries that are champions of the group will play the title of the Nations League from June 5 to 9, 2019, in a venue yet to be determined. Although unofficially the winner of Group 3, Portugal, Italy or Poland, has the first option to organize the Final Four for a reason that has not been specified.

Just as the winners of each group play the Final Four, the last four descend to the B League. The Final Four is what determines the ranking of the first four. The four seconds, by results in the group stage, will be placed from 5 to 8, while the four third in descending order, will be located from 9 to 12.

This final ranking is important to determine which team wins the European Championship place that is shared among the participants of the A League, as the four seats for the Euro are distributed at the rate of one per league.

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The rest of the Leagues

The four group champions will be in a final round to look for the assigned Euro spot for the B League. But if any of these selections has already qualified for the traditional qualifying round, their place would be occupied by the next ranking selection, that does not have to be the second located in that group.

The format is repeated the same for each league, that is, the four winners of the B League, in addition to playing the final for the Euro Cup quota, they also fight three places to go up to the A League. Also, being a new competition, it does not use the Video Assistant Referee (VAR), which this year was adopted by the League of Spain.

According to Goal, for now they have only adopted the goal line technology, better known as "Hawkeye", and there are no plans to resort to VAR during the Nations League.

Spain and France gave the high note

Explained some details about the system of competition, it is necessary to make a balance of the first two days in groups 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the League A. France and Spain gave demonstrations of power, and are already strong candidates to be in the Final Four of June.

For the MarcadorInt portal, Saúl and Asensio are more than the impetus of the young talent of Spanish soccer, and that Spain lacked in recent times to solve complicated matches. Saúl is emerging as a key player in the team of the coach of Gijón, who with dynamism, possession, intensity and use of spaces already has 6 points and was virtually a win for its classification.


Una publicación compartida de Selección Española de Fútbol (@sefutbol) el

According to the same media, France drew 0-0 against Germany as a visitor in the debut and then beat the Netherlands 2-1 in Paris. The most important thing for Didier Deschamps is the return of his forward 9, Olivier Giroud. The team maintained its globalist gene, not shine, not overwhelm the opponent, not play cute, but be effective and win the games giving the impression of little effort.

Italy is still without a direction

It did not qualify for the World Cup in Russia and now its new coach, Roberto Mancini, does not seem to find the handle with the azzurra, who drew at the last minute at home against Poland 1-1. Soon it was widely surpassed by Portugal, although the score was 1-0. Today, the most important player of this selection is a naturalized, the Brazilian Jorginho. MarcadorInt explains that neither with 4-4-2, nor with 4-3-3, Italy showed security in the defensive and offensive sections.

The rest of the League A calendar

Group 1

Holland – Germany (Saturday, October 13 at 20:45)

France – Germany (Tuesday, October 16 at 8:45)

Holland – France (Friday November 16 at 20:45)

Germany – Holland (Monday, November 19 at 20:45)

Group 2

Belgium – Switzerland (Friday, October 12 at 20:45)

Iceland – Switzerland (Monday, October 15 at 20:45)

Belgium – Iceland (Thursday, November 15 at 20:45)

Switzerland – Belgium (Sunday, November 18 at 20:45)

Group 3

Poland – Portugal (Thursday, October 11 at 20:45)

Poland – Italy (Sunday, October 14 at 20:45)

Italy – Portugal (Saturday November 17 at 20:45)

Portugal – Poland (Tuesday, November 20 at 20:45)

Group 4

Croatia – England (Friday, October 12 at 8:45 p.m.

Spain – England (Monday, October 15 at 20:45)

Croatia – Spain (Thursday, November 15 at 20:45)

England – Croatia (Sunday November 18 at 3:00 p.m.)


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