For the Cup: The 3 Surprises that Will be in the Colombian Soccer Finals

With three days to go before the regular season ends, three lower-ranking teams are with one foot in the Colombian soccer finals. We tell you about the great season of these clubs.

Golden Eagles Team

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Over the years, the Colombian league began to grow by leaps and bounds. The surprises of small teams with a serious sports project and few shortcomings are constantly repeating themselves. One of the most recent cases is that of Deportivo Pereira, a team that was champion last semester, obtaining its first title in the first division of Colombian soccer.

The three surprises

For this first semester of the year, the BetPlay League is seeing the superiority of several lower-ranked teams, which have all the chances to reach the semifinal home runs. The three teams that are surprising this season with their game and magnificent results are Águilas Doradas, Boyacá Chicó and Alianza Petrolera, squads that generally do not reach these levels of competition.

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The golden club

Águilas Doradas is currently the leader of the Colombian championship and the first team to qualify for the semifinals. Those led by Lucas González have been demonstrating a different game, which uses the tactics and potential of all its players as a base, an aspect that makes it one of the best teams in the championship.

For several months now, the Rionegro team has been showing that it has all the necessary qualities to win its first league title, recalling that last semester it was one step away from reaching the grand final of Colombian soccer. That is why this sports project is one of the most interesting in recent years, since this club does not have big stars, nor does it have a large roster.

The key to achieving these results is due to the tactical work of its coach, who commented on various occasions that in his team all the players are important both in defense and attack. With this kind of comments, it is verified that the 'golden' team is one of the most complete currently in Colombian soccer, an aspect that makes them clear candidates to win the title this season.

The rebirth of the pride of Boyacá

Boyacá Chicó was one of the teams that rose to the highest division of Colombian soccer this season. When everyone expected the Boyacá team to be involved in the fight to maintain the category, those led by Mario García surprised everyone, quickly moving away from this difficult situation and positioning themselves in the top positions of the championship.

Despite not having a star-studded roster, the 'chess' team has been taking full advantage of all its strengths, which have strengthened it in the best way and currently have it only four points away from qualifying for semifinals. This aspect was not achieved many years ago, so the fans of this club are excited about this kind of results.

One of the strongest points of this team is its locality, the city of Boyacá gave them the chance to play with height and with a very particular climate, aspects that are playing in their favor this season. Likewise, the play of several young promises catapulted the objectives of this institution for this season, since they put aside the aspect of maintaining the category and focused on being able to fight in the championship finals.

The power of the 'oil' group

The last team that is surprising in this Colombian soccer season is Alianza Petrolera. Those led by Hubert Bodhert have one of the best winning streaks in the history of the Barrancabermeja team. By 2023, the 'oil' team was involved in the fight not to be relegated, however, with their great game they quickly got out of this difficult situation.

By getting a large number of points, the black and yellow team is only four units away from getting back into the finals of the Colombian championship. This would be a great prize for this institution, which has been reaping quite important results, in which it came to defeat the great candidates to win the title this season.

For this reason, Alianza Petrolera has everything to win to reach the semifinals, in which the city of Barrancabermeja will be a party, remembering the passion that its fans feel for this institution.

With the arrival of these teams, several traditional teams in Colombian soccer will be eliminated in the first round of the tournament. Squads like Deportivo Cali, Deportes Tolima, Independiente Medellín, Junior de Barranquilla and Independiente Santa Fe could be left out of the BetPlay League finals in the first half of the year.

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