Gallery: Fernando Alonso and the Other Drivers with More than 100 Podiums in Formula 1

Fernando Alonso has achieved his 100th podium at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. We tell you about the other pilots who have overcome this barrier .

Fernando Alonso on the podium in Saudi Arabia

Photo: REUTERS/Rula Rouhana

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The 2023 Formula 1 season started in the best way. The Red Bull team has made clear its superiority over the other teams. However, it has been the driver Fernando Alonso who has taken all the spotlights in these first races, since he became the great surprise of the championship.

The 41-year-old Spanish driver has entered the F1 history books, since he has achieved his 100th podium in this competition. This achievement makes him the sixth runner to overcome this barrier. With his Aston Martin, the 'Nano' has shown that he is ready to fight for the top positions in all the circuits of the season.

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In the circuit of Saudi Arabia, the Spaniard has been left with the third position, a result that allows him to enter this select list of riders with more than one hundred podiums in his career as Formula 1 drivers. These are the other athletes who make up this ranking.

From this select list, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton are the only drivers currently still competing in F1, so both could continue to extend this streak this season. In addition to this, it is important to highlight the importance that the Ferrari team has had, since most of these drivers came to be in the Italian team for several years.

The legend of Fernando Alonso continues to expand with the passing of the days. The Spanish rider has shown that, despite his age, he is at the most relevant moment of his career and that he has all the necessary qualities to fight to defeat the power that Red Bull currently has.

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