Gallery: The Favorites to Win the European leagues

A New Season of European Soccer is Starting, and these Teams Could win it all.

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The soccer season that will prelude to the World Cup in Qatar has already begun and spirits are high. Winning a European Title and a World Cup in the same season is a huge achievement for any player, and there are those for whom this opportunity could be the last (like Messi and Cristiano). Which teams are emerging as the favorites to win it all? Here we tell you.

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It is going to be an interesting season without a doubt in Europe, as many teams and players will have to weigh themselves between saving energy for the World Cup, or looking for another title. Another interesting factor to take into account, which has little to do with football, is how the heat wave that is affecting Europe at the moment will have an effect on the players. What will superstars have as a priority?

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