Gallery: Will Mayweather Join The Roster? Famous Team Owners

Former American boxer Floyd Mayweather has announced his desire to buy an NBA franchise. He will not be the first famous owner of a sports team

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Recently, it became known that the highest-paid athlete in the world, boxer Floyd Mayweather, is interested in buying a sports team. He wants to buy an NBA franchise, either a new venue that will open in the next few years or buying it from someone listing an existing one for sale.

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Even though this news monopolized several covers in the sports press, Mayweather will not be the first celebrity to enter as the owner of a sports team. The list is long and in LatinAmerican Post we bring you a list of the most recognized.

Added to the list are personalities such as Magic Johnson (Los Angeles Dodgers and Lons Angeles FC); Ronald Nazario (Valladolid); Matthew McConaughey (Austin FC); Derrick Lamar Henry Jr and Reese Witherspoon (Nashville SC); Patrick Mahomes (Sporting Kansas City); among others.

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