Gold in Breakdancing? These Sports Could Debut in the Next Olympics

Lacrosse, cricket, breakdancing, squash and even kickboxing could all be part of the 2028 Olympics.

Paris 2024 is approaching and with this event an even more important decision is also approaching, since by 2023 the Olympic committee will have to choose which new disciplines will debut at the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.

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For Paris, we know that disciplines that debuted in Tokyo, such as climbing and skateboarding, will make a triumphant return. On the other hand, karate will not. By 2028, however, the list of sports that could be Olympic is long and sounds almost crazy. Competitors include lacrosse, cricket, breakdancing, squash, and kickboxing.

Cricket, the Hidden Giant

Among the above, the most popular, without any comparison, is cricket. Although not well received in North America and Europe, it may surprise you to learn that cricket is actually the second most popular sport in the world after football. With almost 2.5 billion fans around the world, cricket is most popular in India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The strange thing is that it is not an Olympic sport at this point, which is why it is one of the most popular options to finally debut in Los Angeles 2028.

Lacrosse, a Forgotten Tradition

Lacrosse, on the other hand, is the oldest sport in North America, which does not mean that it has immense popularity around the globe. Adapted by the colonizers from a game that the Native Americans had, it is estimated that it has around 4 million fans around the world. Its relative safety compared to other contact sports makes it very popular with younger people.

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Squash, the Sport that is About to Be Accepted

Did you know that there are more than 50,000 squash courts around the world? This sport, which demands great physique and reflexes, has already been part of several international competitions, such as the Pan American Games and the Asian Games. However, it has not yet been accepted by the Olympic Committee, which has cited as the main reason that it is “difficult for viewers to follow the action on their televisions”.

Olympic -breakdance, the _Future of the Olympics?

One inclusion that may seem controversial at first glance is breakdancing. Isn't that a dance? Can be a common question. However, if we look at the arguments that the International Olympic Committee has made in its favor, things become a little clearer. Compared to rhythmic gymnastics, for example, breakdancing is a discipline that also requires coordination, body balance, agility, and a certain level of understanding of music and rhythm.

It is also worth noting that in recent years the International Olympic Committee has made an effort to promote inclusion and what they call the “urbanization of sport”. In the same way that sports such as skateboarding and climbing became Olympic sports, it must be recognized that new urban ways of living have led to the popularization of sports disciplines such as breakdance.

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