Height doesn’t matter! 3 athletes you need to know

No matter how small they are, these athletes will do their best to achieve success in their respective disciplines

Sport is also for the little ones, there is no genetic disorder worth!

Dwarfism is a condition given by various diseases or genetic abnormalities that make people shorter than others. However, the new athletes are making it clear that being a dwarf is not an inconvenience to become big stars.

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The best-known athletes


This Mexican fighter of 19 years, 26 kilos and less than one meter tall is the son of the iconic wrestling mascot "Kemonito", is also the smallest in the category of the World Stars Wrestling Club.

From a very young age he was attracted by wrestling and decided to leave everything aside to devote himself completely to this discipline, because according to what "Microman" related to the website of the Mexican content creator Uno TV: "I was studying a course in programming, computing, but as I began to train I did not have enough time … I decided to leave the studio for a moment and dedicate myself to the struggle, later I intend to resume the study ".

The debut of "Microman" and the rest of the team was on April 30, 2017, and since then they had conquered the crowd with their dance steps, acrobatics, and elaborate fighting techniques. Regarding their first fight, the fighter commented to the El Comercio newspaper: "On the day of my debut I did not expect people to welcome me in that way, to support me so much without knowing me and I think that was the happiest moment I've had in the fight."


The Giants of Pará

In the north of Brazil, in Belém, state of Pará is the first football team made up of dwarves. It is made up of 25 members and according to what the technical director, Carlos Lucena, told the ESPN Deportes web portal "they are the most famous dwarves in the world because they are known worldwide. We want to reach the highest point. The dream is to make a dwarf world cup, a world cup between teams of dwarves." This famous team plays in 145 cities around Brazil, in matches of 60 minutes, which captivate large crowds around the country.

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Jahmani Swanson

This 32-year-old, 1.35-meter-tall basketball player is a member of the Harlem Globetrotters, one of the most important teams in the United States.

This little star has shown that height does not matter to be a great basketball player because the passion that Jahmani Swanson has felt for this sport from an early age has led him to position himself as one of the biggest stars of basketball in the world.

The person who has believed in him the most and who has taught him that he can do what he proposes is his mother because according to the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo, the basketball player commented that: "My mother used to treat us as if we had a normal height (…) And so I live my life, when I walk down the street, I measure two meters." These athletes are an example for all because they teach that with responsibility, discipline, and passion all goals can be achieved.


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