“I’m different and I love it”: Kanya Sesser’s incredible overcoming story

"Even though there are certain things that I cannot do, that does not stop me from trying and finding a way to do it my way": Sesser

"I'm different and I love that": Kanya Sesser's incredible story of overcoming

Kanya Sesser is an athlete and model who was born without legs 26 years ago, in Pak Chong, Thailand. Shortly after arriving in the world she was abandoned by her parents, who left her at the doors of a Buddhist temple, according to Crónica Global. Five years later she was adopted by an American couple who heard about her story and moved her to Oregon, Portland.

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Over the years, thanks to surfing and skating, Sesser managed to change the perception that many people usually have of a person with a disability. According to the same media, Sesser avoided using a wheelchair. Instead she preferred the skateboard, which is her usual means of transportation. In addition, Sesser dominates the surfboard, which opened her the doors to the Hawaii Five-0 television series.

Sesser is undoubtedly an example of overcoming. "I learned by myself to overcome obstacles since I was a child, you have to look at what you can do with what you have, and live life to the fullest, without legs, without limits, and now I want to help other people to understand this motto and lifestyle," she said.

With this philosophy, the young woman travels the North American country with motivational activities focused on people with disabilities or with the same condition.

Kanya Sesser: a sport ace

As the skateboard is her means of transportation, moving in this is very easy for Kanya. Although when it comes to shorter distances, she does so by leaning on her hands, according to La Vanguardia. That lifestyle in some way allows her to be fit and active. According to BBC Mundo, it was in the United States where she began her passion for skateboarding.

On her Instagram account, Sesser constantly uploads workout photos at the gym, practicing extreme sports or even surfing. In addition, at the beginning of this year, Sesser participated in the Paralympic Winter Games that were held in Pyeongchang, South Korea. She did it in the discipline of Alpine Skiing.

After fulfilling her dream of participating in a Paralympic Games, her next goal is to change the perception of society with respect to the stereotypes of beauty and the capabilities to be a model for major brands.

Advertising image

Kanya has starred in various advertising campaigns and has even broken stereotypes in products such as lingerie. "I'm different and I love it, I do not need legs to feel sexy," she said. Other companies such as Nike, Billabong or Rip Curl Girl have requested her services since she was a teenager.

She does not suffer from complexes. "I love to show people how beautiful I can be," she said and then added: "This is a facet that helps me visualize my story and convey the message that everything is possible."


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Sportsman by passion, model by accident

The Fucsia portal ensures that, despite her disability, Sesser always had an independent personality. To walk, for example, she usef the upper part of her body to push herself hard and get where she wanted, without bothering anyone. Already a little more adult she created her own promotion campaign Crowdfunding, a way to obtain financial collaboration for projects of all kinds.

But her true passion has always been sports. From surfing, climbing and skiing, to tennis. She also practiced swimming in her collegiate time. Her words are always oriented to personal motivation. "Even though there are certain things that I cannot do, that does not stop me from trying and finding a way to do it my way," she said.

Now, although modeling was not a passion, it is something that she likes and that arrived without being sought. "I enjoy making money with modeling and I love to show people that there are other ways to be beautiful, but the difference can also be sexy," she said, according to the same media. Kanya has earned up to a thousand dollars a day modeling for well-known brands such as Nike, Volcom and Billabong. The latter was the one that opened her the doors to that world.


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