Infographic: Everything you Need to Know About the Vuelta a Colombia 2023

The Vuelta a Colombia is one of the most important events in Colombian sport. We tell you everything you need to know about its 73rd edition.

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From June 16 to 25, the Vuelta a Colombia will take place, a competition that wants to recover the status it had a few decades ago. With this clear objective, the organization of this event made some changes to the circuit this year, with the intention of giving a higher level of competition to all fans of this sport in the national territory and around the world.

For the 73rd edition, it has been agreed to carry out a tour that will pass through seven departments: Casanare, Boyacá, Cundinamarca, Tolima, Risaralda, Caldas and Antioquia. In total, there will be nine stages, in which 120 athletes will compete to win in one of the longest running competitions in the history of road cycling.

the Vuelta a Colombia 2023

For this edition, the Vuelta a Colombia will have the participation of five international squads. Outstanding among these are Team Banco Guayaquil from Ecuador led by stage winner Robinson Chalapud, Movistar Best PC led by Marco Tulio Suesca and the Bolivian team Pío Rico – Alcaldía La Vega, as well as the Mexicans Canel's Zerouno and Petrolike.

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Finally, it is necessary to mention the two teams that are called to be the great contenders to keep the championship. Team Medellín EPM will be led by the two-time champion of the race, Fabio Andrés Duarte, who will have the support of the national champion, Miguel Ángel López, and the three-time champion of this competition, Óscar Sevilla.

The GW Shimano Sidermec team, led by Jonathan Restrepo, promises to be one of the great contenders, remembering that they recently won the Giro Reggio Calabria.

Everything is ready for the Vuelta a Colombia 2023, a championship that will surely be full of great emotions and that will have a fairly high level of competition, an aspect that will do very well for the prestige of Colombian sport.

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