Is Liverpool the Team with the Best Record?

The Signing of Darwin Nuñez Once Again Highlights Liverpool’s Great Skills in Recruiting Talent

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On June 12, Benfica announced that Darwin Nuñez would be Liverpool’s new striker. Nuñez was signed for the grand total of 100 million euros, in a transfer that broke records for the Reds club.

The Uruguayan arrives in the Premier League after two successful seasons with Benfica, where he scored 48 goals in 85 games in various competitions. The 22-year-old is the third Uruguayan to arrive at this club, after Luis Suarez and Sebastián Coates.

He’s a spectacular addition to the club considering he signed a midterm contract and still has plenty of room to develop as a player. His enthusiasm with the club has at least not been expected. As he said in an interview with the Reds: “It’s one of the reasons I came here to Liverpool: to win trophies and titles. I want to win a lot of trophies at Liverpool.”

Liverpool’s other big signings

But Nuñez is not the only great player that this English team has been able to acquire at the right time. Here we bring you a small list of players that the Reds club has acquired in its prime.

Luis Diaz

The Colombian became one of the most recognizable figures in English soccer, so much that he was named the best signing of the England soccer winter market by the Daily Mail. The striker entered the team last year for a price of around 65 million euros, an amount that today seems cheap considering that his contributions took his team to the Champions League final. This without mentioning the fact that the initial amount that Porto asked for him was 80 million euros. The Colombian has grown tremendously in his time with Liverpool. How far can you go?

Mohammed Salah

Signed in 2017, Salah is currently regarded as the fifth or sixth best player in the world, depending on who you ask. At the time, it was a record transfer for the club, which acquired him for £36.9m (€42m). Today, the Egyptian’s market value is estimated to be approximately €90 million. Not to mention the Champions League and the English title he has brought to the club make him a unique acquisition. He is considered by some to be the best player in the world right now.

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Virgil Van DJik

This player went from Southampton to the Reds in 2018, for a value of 84 million euros . Although he is currently not going through his best phase, his first three years with the team were extremely successful, leading the Reds to an English title and a Champions League. At its best, this defense reached a value of 100 million euros, so it can be considered a successful investment.

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