JustB Woman Power: More Than a Women’s Life Project for Women

It all started with an ad on FaceBook for a business that caught the attention of Natalia Marenco, a versatile woman who has spent a good decade dedicated to the area of ​​communications.

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That notice spoke to her, who immediately called who is today her partner, Adriana Caicedo and they both said: Yes, I want.

It was a training and sports training center exclusively for women, colloquially speaking, they “sweated it”, until they saw it become their life project, in less than two months they went from joy to sadness, due to the pandemic. But they made a great leap and as if it were a race against the clock, JustBe Woman Power managed to get back on the podium of those ventures that show that despite the crisis, it is possible to get ahead.

The Woman Post: What is Just Be Woman Power, how it is born to whom it occurs? Tell us

JustBe Woman Power: It is a concept that arises from the need that women have to empower themselves, in physical training and art, through expressions such as dance, sport. Not exclusively to lose weight, but also to improve your mental health and achieve better communication and relationship with your body.

TWP: So it's only for women?

JBWP: Yes. We are in an environment governed by stereotypes, where there is only one valid body view. The idea comes from two women who decide to create an exclusive site for women, due to the judgments and prejudices that there are against certain topics. In addition, there is a lot of objectification towards women and that is why they launch themselves with this idea.

TWP: And how do you get into business then?

JBWP: In 2019, the founders sold the business and we saw the possibility of partnering and resuming a series of activities and services such as relaxation room, assistance for stress management, wellness coaching, among others, all in order to empower women and improve your self-esteem, in the midst of an environment of well-being and pleasant and stable living conditions.

TWP: You start this challenge empowered, enthusiastic and in March 2020 the pandemic arrives. What happened at that moment?

JBWP: We started 2020 with very good results, two months later, the pandemic forced us to close. This undoubtedly caused setbacks, because many of those who worked with us would be left without jobs. But, all this invites reinvention to move forward and respond with the commitments made.

TWP: And then what did they do?

JBWP: The only alternative we had was to implement the virtual classes with the equipment we had. It was a success It was quite a temporary moment because the confinement raised stress levels and affected mental health. This allowed the center to open a corporate account and extend services to businesses. Requests began to arrive through social networks, and in this way, we got ahead during the pandemic.

TWP: What motivated them to stay and not stop despite the coming crisis?

JBWP: During the first two months of 2020, the business remained open. The crisis came. But, we saw that this was our life project and that was the first motivation. The second, to carry this out for the health of all those involved and not to let the dream come true.


TWP: Natalia, you have done everything: communicator, journalist, reporter, consultant, advisor. How do you start on this from JustBe Woman Power?

JBWP: Employment provides security. But when it is lost it causes trauma in every way. And that happened. Then unexpected possibilities arise on social media. So I made the decision to see in that business that they offered, a very good possibility, and hand in hand with my partner we took the step forward. The main motivation was the desire to help women in a world run almost entirely by men. Here I have learned everything and have discovered new facets.

TWP: What then is the key to success?

JBWP: Honesty… Done correctly, you will be successful. Teamwork and patience are also very important because when dealing with people and clients, you have to be very tactful and understand the needs of each one.

TWP: What is the difference factor of the Just Be?

JBWP: Exclusivity! It is only for women; the coaches are also women. The attention is personalized, emotions are managed. Various types of workshops are offered thinking about the subjectivities of each woman, her age, and tastes, thus making them feel comfortable doing physical activities.

TWP: Don't they tell you something about being women?

JBWP: Many people tell us things. We offer a special place for them to move freely. That is part of our philosophy, that they focus on themselves in an integral way.

TWP: Based on this experience, what is the role of women in this type of initiative?

JBWP: Solve the problems that concern only them, it is they who understand their needs and expectations. In addition to reducing social pressure against aesthetic and social stereotypes.

TWP: How to motivate those women who "don't have time"?

JBWP: The time is yours and that is the conscience that you have to have. So if you don't have time, it's because you don't want to. That is the easiest excuse when you don't want to do something. Start small, for example, the first week 15 minutes and so on until you get on time. In this way, habit is created and awareness is generated. Time belongs to you and no one else.

TWP: What do you say to women who are afraid to face reality?

JBWP: The best way is to do something that you are comfortable with. It is never too late to start. If you feel good walking… do it! If you are comfortable with reggaeton class, weights, trampoline, Arabic dance, rumba, whatever. Do it! If you are happy like that, go ahead, the happier you are with what you do, the happier you will do it.

TWP: Who is part of JustBe Woman Power?

JBWP: Adriana Caicedo. She is a Social Communicator, a specialist in Marketing. Lorena Salcedo is Administrator. Paola Fariera: Head coach. Caroly Jiménez is the Pole Dance teacher. Maria Mutant of Regueton; Natalia Roldán teaches Champeta classes; Danna Bermúdez directs the Arab dance; Tatiana Rojas, the tough one of the Zumba; Dani takes care of Twerk. Nathy Rodríguez and Valentina Ávila, of urban dance. They are diverse, super-powerful women, each with her own style.

TWP: How to stay in shape through virtuality… When we were used to other dynamics?

JBWP: The idea is to provide a virtual agenda according to the needs of the people who are at home, in order to link those who share their space. The ability to choose the schedule is important. Another aspect is choosing the type of discipline that best suits your needs and physical abilities.

JustBe Woman Power is one of those endeavors that does not run out, that advances by leaps and bounds in the midst of the situations that may arise, it is a corner made by women for women, where its members jump, run, dance, and do everything from the heart and the firm conviction to empower women and make them smile in each of the training.

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