Latin America in Short: Colombian Women’s Team Breaks Record | Rosalía and Raw Break Up

Perhaps the most widespread news this week was the unexpected breakup of Rosalía and Raw. On the other hand, the Colombian women's soccer team broke audience records with its first match in the World Cup. We summarize here these two and other relevant news this week .

Colombia women's soccer team and Rauw Alejandro and Rosalía

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In global news, Russia hopes to increase the number of troops on the front lines to 9 million. In Africa, political tension is increasing due to an attempted coup in Niger. In sports, Mbappé announced his departure from PSG while the Colombian women's team broke audience records with their first match in the World Cup in New Zealand and Australia. Finally, perhaps the most widespread news of the week was the breakup of Rosalía and Raw Alejandro. We summarize everything here.

Russia hopes to increase to 9 million soldiers on the front

Adrei Kartapolov, Chairman of the Parliamentary Defense Committee of the Russian Parliament (the Duma) announced that he will raise the age of conscription. Currently, men between the ages of 18 and 27 are taken to the front, but now they must go until they are 30 years old. According to estimates, this shelters about 9 million soldiers in total that Russia requires today. According to Kartapolov, it would be 2 million additional soldiers.

However, this rule does not take immediate effect, but only from November 1, 2024. To date, Moscow has not provided a verified list of casualties during the war in Ukraine. However, an investigation by local media outlets Meduza and Mediazona estimates that in the year and a half that the war has been going on, Russia has lost between 40,000 and 55,000 soldiers.

Coup attempt in Niger destabilizes the region

The African country has been experiencing a coup attempt since Wednesday. According to media reports in the area, the presidential guard detained President Mohamed Bayoum in the capital Niamey. To this fact, other high commands of the country's Military Forces have already joined, such as Amadou Abramane, major of the air force, and Abdou Sidikou Issa, according to them, to avoid a confrontation.

According to Major Abdramane, this coup is due to the alarming security situation and mismanagement in the government. This fact is one more event that destabilizes the fragile situation in the region, since it would not be the first coup since 2020. During this period, other overthrow attempts have already been carried out in Mali and Burkina Faso.

Mbappé no longer wants to be in Paris

Kylian Mbappé announced his intention to leave PSG for the 2024-2025 season. The French striker ends his contract with the Parisian team at the end of this campaign, so he considers that it is the right time to leave this institution. With this clear decision, the directives of the current Ligue 1 champion, made the determination to sell this footballer in this transfer market, with the intention that he does not leave as a free agent. With this, everything seems to indicate that his new team will be Real Madrid, a squad that has wanted his services for many months. If this is confirmed, the 24-year-old attacker would reject offers from Liverpool, Manchester United and especially that of Al-Hilal, a club that is willing to pay more than 300 million for his pass.

New record for the Colombian Women's National Team

The Women's World Cup in New Zealand and Australia began in the best way for the Colombian National Team, a team that forcefully won their first match. For this commitment, FIFA announced that more than nine million people watched the debut match of the selected 'coffee grower', a figure that triples any match prior to this world championship. With this revealed statistic, it is confirmed that women's soccer has enormous growth in this country, in which fans began to see and closely follow all these young players who constantly leave the name of the country high.

Rosalia and Raw Alejandro's Breakup

This week People magazine confirmed the breakup between the Catalan singer and the Puerto Rican. Many rumors ran since the publication of the news. Perhaps the most popular and the most repeated was the one that stated that the breakup was due to Raw's infidelity.

The Puerto Rican singer did not take long, then, to deny these rumors on his social networks. According to his version of events, he and Rosalía would have ended their engagement a few months ago for reasons that he prefers not to disclose. However, he assured that one of those reasons would not be infidelity.

The couple had been together for a couple of years now and they had announced their commitment to the video clip for the song "BESO", a song that is part of the collaborative EP "RR". Rosalía, for her part, has not made any statement regarding the breakup. These days she finished his "Motomami" tour.

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