Latino Footballers Who Are Succeeding In Europe

There are many Latino footballers who are succeeding in the major European leagues. We tell you who they are.

Raphinha belloli

Latin American football is at an excellent level. Some of this is demonstrated by the qualifying rounds of the FIFA dates, where all countries dream of having a ticket to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Photo: IG-raphinha

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Latin American football is at an excellent level. This is demonstrated in the qualifying rounds of the FIFA dates, where all countries dream of having a ticket to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Some key figures are Lionel Messi, Neymar, Luis Suárez and Luis Díaz. However, there are other players that not everyone knows and who are experiencing great moments in Europe. Perhaps they are the great surprises of the next days. We invite you to meet them.

Alfredo Morelos

One of the Colombian strikers is causing a sensation in Europe. You probably don't know much about him as he is currently playing in the Scottish league, where he is doing amazingly well.

Recently, this footballer made history by reaching 100 goals with the Rangers, one of the most important teams in that division. At the age of 25, he has been playing this competition since the 2017-2018 season with a base of more than 10 goals per year.


Brazil has a class of luxury professionals, especially in the offensive zone. This means that some talented players have little chance of making a start in the National Soccer Team, but Raphinha will begin to earn a place on the field, thanks to her good performance in the Premier League.

This player had already scored two goals against Uruguay last date, but he has also been maintaining a great pace in Europe. At 24, he is playing for Leeds United, where he is in charge of the right-wing. Without a doubt, he will be one of the players that we will see settle both in Europe and in the Tité team.

Nicolas Gonzalez

This player, champion of the Copa América 2021 with Argentina, had been one of the surprises of DT Lionel Scaloni, who called him up when he was in Stuttgart of the Second Division of Germany. After being one of the important pieces with the shirt of his country, he had the opportunity to move to a better team.

Currently, it is being one of the revelations of Serie A, as it has become one of the key pieces of Fiorentina, an institution that it reached in the recent season. He can play as a center forward and as a winger on both wings, as his explosion and his scoring ability stand out. Without a doubt, he will make the leap to an even bigger club.

Antonio Sanabria

This Paraguayan footballer wants to become one of the gunners of his country's team, but first, he needs to settle in Europe. Well, it seems that recently he is achieving it since he is going through an excellent moment at Torino, a Serie A club where he has become a key striker.

After a prolonged stay for different clubs, such as Roma, Real Betis, or Genoa, he seemed to reach stability in this team. Although he is not one of the strongest in Italy, it can allow him to maintain a good level, both in goals and in performance, to be one of the offensive leaders with the shirt of his country.

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Darwin Nunez

Finally, we have an Uruguayan player who is one of the biggest promises. Although he has not yet had many opportunities with the national team, led by Tabárez, many Uruguayans have high expectations for a footballer who recently scored two goals against FC Barcelona.

Currently at SL Benfica in Portugal, at 22 we will surely see him as one of the key players in this league. If he maintains a good performance, it is likely that he will become one of the professionals who accompanies Luis Suárez in the always-powerful Uruguayan forward.

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