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Colombia and Argentina already accumulate their own history in the discipline that mixes aerobic capacity with power, strength, and flexibility, among other qualities

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Did the CrossFit arrive to stay? we do not know yet. The truth is that beyond the celebration of the Cross Fit Games, an event that celebrated its twelfth edition at the beginning of August, there is a growing interest in this sports discipline that combines aerobic capacity with strength, endurance, power, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance and precision.

According to, these are physical abilities that are enhanced for the competition. They are put to the test with the three metabolic pathways, which, in turn, provide energy for all human actions. Perhaps for that reason, it is a sport of high impact and growth in the United States according to the Forbes Magazine, a concept replicated by the prestigious English media.

In the most recent edition of the CrossFit Games, 14 tests were conducted during four days of competition (August 2-5) in Madison, Wisconsin. As far as the United States is concerned, this sport is already a reality, since up to 500 athletes from different countries of the world participated in the aforementioned competition.

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Demanding and risky

The 2018 edition of the CFG was considered one of the most demanding in its history, since its founding in 2007. On the first day, participants had to run a 10-lap bicycle sprint to the stadium in Madison with a minimum of 18 minutes and 32 seconds, says

The second step was a gymnastics event in which they had to complete 30 dominated over the rings, changing from hanging to being with arms outstretched and with the clock against. Then he went to lifting weights, pushing himself with his legs in squat position, and dead weight.

The final test was a marathon of 42.195 kilometers on rowing machines and under a time of 2 hours 43 minutes and 50 seconds for men and 3: 00'42 "for women. The second day was rest. All four dates were followed by another 10 events, including swimming, hand-held obstacle courses and even climbing stairs with fixed weights (dumbbells), explained BBC Mundo.

As you can see, one of the peculiarities of the competition is ignorance, because no athlete knows what awaits him in the day's event. The surprise factor as attractive for the attendees and as a demanding challenge for the participants said PanamaOn.

Who was the best?

The American Mat Fraser was the champion and is considered as the 'King' of this sport, after winning the editions of 2016, 2017 and 2018 consecutively. This time, even, he arrived with the title insured to the last day with 1 thousand 162 points in total. Aunt-Clair Toomey regained the category of women, emulating what was achieved in 2017.

In turn, if we talk about Latin America, its best representatives in the top category were Brenda Castro from Mexico and the Brazilian Pablo Chalfun, who finished in positions 34 and 38 respectively.

Katrin Davidsdottir, double champion of the event (2015 and 2016), stepped on the podium of the Crossfit Games, this time in the third box, and improving the fifth place reached in 2017. Returning to the male branch, Patrick Vellner was made the second position behind Fraser, as reviewed by



How do you get to the CrossFit Games?

The CrossFit is today, one of the fastest growing sports worldwide, but the one that more, according to data from already reaches for its practice 13,000 thousand gyms in the world.

The same means explains that a Cross Fit athlete must pass different classification levels to reach the games. The cycle begins with the Open, which as its English word says it is open and online for anyone over 14 years. This first stage starts in February and allows thousands of interested parties, including amateurs, to participate in weekly tests (5 in total) to determine the 120 best in the world, spread over 17 geographical areas.

The most important classification is the regional one since it is the one that grants the ticket to the summit event. To get that ticket, athletes from those geographical areas, both individually and in teams and both sexes, must occupy the podium. In what refers to the categories Teen (14-17 years) and Masters (35-39 years) can only ensure their presence online.

Colombia said present

The Cross Fit Games had for the first time in its history, a Colombian team as a participant. The Parceros team, made up of María Clara Ceballos, Marcela Peña, Yonatan Restrepo and Alejandro Arcila achieved their pass thanks to the great performance at the Latin American held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, reported

The Antioquia cast won 546 points and was number 1 among 27 teams, winning two of the six competitions, which included lifting weights, gymnastic movements, ropes, and ball throwing, among others, according to El Colombiano , He added that Team Samurai of Argentina was second with 542 points and Crossfit Q21, also of Argentina, third with 540 units.

Argentina with its Team Samurai

Precisely, Argentina, through the Team Samurai, has maintained an interesting and important level in the Cross Fit, with some young people who started training in a garage, according to

This means that in 2012, Pablo and Matías Rodríguez started from the garage of their homes the history of the Samurai team, and since then they have not stopped working and training until they won the South American Open 2018, ahead of boxes with more budget as Tuluka and Bigg. Once that step was taken, the next one was to obtain the financing to travel to the Latin American of Brazil, of which later they would be the runners-up.

In statements given to Bigbang, Matias said: "I met the sport for my brother, who started training and training in Tuluka, where we started teaching in the garage, with few materials, all with weights in the shape of a drop. of water and body weight ". The garage in a short time was small and then it was the nearest plaza that served as a gym.

The media concludes that the Crossfit in Argentina is professionalizing with 122 affiliated boxes, which represent almost 10% of the 1,500 that are presumed to be in South America today. "It's a training turned IGNORE INTO a sport," he concluded.


LatinAmerican Post | Onofre Zambrano

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