Legends Will Influence the Future of Soccer by Redirecting UEFA

The creation of a soccer council made up of great glories such as Zinedine Zidane, Jürgen Klinsmann, Luis Figo, Philipp Lahm, among others, is imminent. Who completes the council, and what functions will they fulfill for the new generation of the king of sports? We tell you about it .

Zinedine Zidane, Paolo Maldini,

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UEFA (Union of European Football Associations), the highest body of European football, announced the creation of a council made up of 20 legends who will meet for regulatory purposes for the king of sports. There, the figures who marked the history of the sport and of their national teams will contribute their knowledge to football, based on their experience, to generate changes in different areas. Said council will receive the name of UEFA Football Board and will have its first meeting on April 24, 2023, in Nyon, Switzerland.

UEFA Football Council Legends

The UEFA Football Board will bring together 20 football legends, led by Croatian Zvonimir Boban, UEFA's director of professional football and mastermind of the board. Similarly, the committee will be co-chaired by the Italian Roberto Rosetti, UEFA's chief referee. However, the great impact of the committee is undoubtedly due to the European glories that they will gather to direct the future of football.

The 20 soccer legends that will make up the soccer council will be the Frenchman Zinedine Zidane; the Italians Carlo Ancelotti, Paolo Maldini and Fabio Capello ; the Portuguese Luis Figo and José Mourinho; the Spaniards Rafa Benítez, Juan Mata and Roberto Martínez; the English Gareth Southgate and Rio Ferdinand ; the Dutchman Ronald Koeman; the Danish Michael Laudrup; the Irish Robbie Keane; the Germans Philipp Lahm, Jürgen Klinsmann and Rudi Völler; the Montenegrin Predrag Mijatovic ; the Czech Petr Cech ; and the Argentine Javier Zanetti, the only Latin American of the select group.

UEFA was based on the sporting success of each member to select them as part of the soccer council. Likewise, their relevance within their countries and the international matches they played were taken into account. In the same way, the choice of these 20 glories of European sport was thought of as a symbol of UEFA to guarantee soccer led by players, creating rules that do not obviate details that only provide expertise.

Goals of the UEFA Football Board

The purpose of the congregation of the 20 legends of European football is to analyze individually and as a group the rules of the game, guaranteeing changes that are necessary, but that do not stray from the essence of the game. On the other hand, refereeing aspects based on their experiences as professional footballers will be discussed. Similarly, their experience will be used to assess international calendars and different aspects of UEFA tournaments.

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The development of youth soccer is another topic of great importance that will be worked on in the new soccer council. Likewise, the tactics and the health of the players are aspects that will be discussed to shape the soccer of the future. Finally, all the ideas and discussions of the UEFA Football Board can be transformed into bills for the improvement and updating of the sport.

The UEFA football council will hold annual meetings with prior consultation on certain topics. However, he will have urgent meetings if topics of extreme interest arise for the correct development of the game. With the UEFA Football Board, a precedent is created in world soccer in order to redirect the beautiful game based on experience, preventing bureaucratic decisions by people outside the sport whose vision works against its essence.

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