Losing Weight: Is It Possible to Get Better Results with Weightlifting?

We tell you what are the benefits of weightlifting and how it can be complemented with cardio to perform a better exercise routine.

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When it comes to physical training in humans, there are quite a few disagreements as to which is the most effective method of obtaining results, whether it is losing weight or increasing muscle mass. Mainly, it is believed that the only way to lose those extra kilos is through traditional cardio (jogging, swimming, boxing, cycling, among others), but there are those who say, on scientific grounds, that weightlifting may be even better than the cardio we know.

A study on the molecular foundations of resistance exercise written by Iván J. Vechetti Jr and several other authors, in which they analyzed several rodents and humans, points out that when lifting weights the muscles of the body generate bubbles of genetic material that interact with adipose or fat cells. This causes processes related to fat burning.

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Also, Dr. Carlos Jaramillo, a Colombian who is a Senior Clinical Associate in surgery and clinical nutrition at the Yale University School of Medicine in the United States, says that “a good workout is not about doing just cardio, without stretching or muscular resistance, nor of counting the calories of the training, but of a long-term plan, in which you enjoy a good diet, weightlifting and cardio, good protein and good rest.”

The Importance of Weightlifting

Cardio is an exercise that improves your endurance and cardiovascular health, but it does not tone or increase your muscle mass. However, using the weights you can do all this. 15 repetitions, 3 series for each exercise and a progressive increase in the weight you lift, without requiring the body to incur injuries or hernias, will allow you to improve your metabolism. In this way you will have greater muscle mass, and especially you will reduce the presence of fat in your body.

Some exercises that can be performed using weights are: squats, deadlifts, 'hip thrust', funds, pull-ups, biceps curls, military press, rowing and many more that you can alternate daily to work all the muscles of the body. Remember that these exercises must be guided by a professional and must follow an adequate technique to avoid causing injuries. Although it is true that the 'fitness' world is in rage and fashion, there are those who advise, on social networks, without solid bases or studies. That is why it is essential to be correctly advised and informed.

Always Consult an Expert

It is common knowledge that weight lifting is better for burning fat. However, the truth is that the perfect training would be to combine both disciplines. Weights and cardio, trained in that order, allow you to tone your body and also lose weight. When you start with the weights, the body consumes the glucose and uses it as a source of energy. Later, to complete the training, it is ideal to do cardio, since it allows the body to burn saturated fat and use it as material to provide energy.

Regarding time, it is recommended to dedicate a similar percentage for both. Also, all this must be accompanied by a balanced diet rich in protein, as indicated by an expert. It is important to constantly visit your doctor to keep a regular check on your body and your health.

This is why, from LatinAmerican Post, we invite you to lead a healthy life, full of good eating habits. Finally, remember that doing a series of exercises will not only help you to be physically fit, but it is also a help to produce more dopamine, a hormone known as the hormone of happiness.

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