Messi says: ‘This Copa América is structured to favor Brazil’

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The number ten shirt of the Argentinian Team returned to claim that refereeing in the semifinal favors Brazil and said the tournament is "fixed" for the hosts

Lionel Messi durante el partido contra Chile en Copa América

In a very unusual tone in his career, star Lionel Messi blew after the victory over Chile that gave Argentina the third place of the Copa América, at the Corinthians Arena, in São Paulo. Expelled after a disagreement with Chile's Gary Medel, who also received the red card, the number ten shirt of the National Team returned to claim that refereeing in the semifinal favors Brazil and said the tournament is "fixed" for the hosts.

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The ace did not even return to the pitch to collect his medal. "I did not go to the awards because we do not have to be part of this corruption. They disrespected us throughout the Copa America. They did not let us reach the final," he said.

"Without a doubt, unfortunately, I believe it is fixed for Brazil. I hope the referees and the VAR do not interfere in the final and that Peru can compete because they have the team to do so. But it will be difficult," he said, about the final of the tournament, scheduled for this Sunday, in Maracanã. Messi believes his complaints against the VAR in the semifinal unfairly resulted in him being sent off. 

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On the Chilean side, midfielder Gary Medel also criticized the referee's decision to drive them out and supported Messi's outburst. "It was a normal regular soccer play. I think the referee did very badly. I can not talk about (the outburst of Messi), but he is in his right. It is normal to be angry with the referees and Conmebol after the game against Brazil and today."

After the defeat against Brazil in the semifinal, the Argentine superstar had already complained extensively about the refereeing and said that Brazil was benefited in the match. "Every silly little thing went in their favor. Yellow cards for us. Clear plays that were not reviewed by the VAR. Several silly fouls and penalties were scored in this Copa América by the VAR and were not reviewed today. "

The Argentine still used his Instagram account to exalt the strength of the Argentinian team, which, according to him, played better than Brazil. "Let's leave the Copa America with a triumph and, above all, with our heads held high and the feeling that this time, soccer was not fair with us. The way we played showed us superior to Brazil, and we deserved to be in the final tomorrow. But we must look forward with optimism because there is a future and an extensive base in this National Team", Messi concluded


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