Miguel Ángel Borja: The Best 9 for River Plate and the Colombian National Team Today

Miguel Ángel Borja is currently one of the most important Colombian strikers in the world. We tell you about his outstanding statistics in Argentina and the achievements he achieved in his career.

Miguel Angel Borja

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The Colombian forward Miguel Ángel Borja became a trend this weekend by being the figure of his team in the most relevant classic in Argentina. Despite not being a starter in Núñez's team, the South American attacker has been scoring goals constantly, an aspect that has given him the possibility of being considered one of the best footballers on the professional team.

Dreamy moment

The classic Boca vs. River is considered one of the most significant matches on the continent, which is why both teams leave everything on the field to win. In the last classic and as it has been repeated in recent years, the kicks and the violent game were what overshadowed the show. However, Borja was in charge of scoring the only goal of the game, thus concretizing another victory for River Plate.

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In addition to scoring one of the most valuable goals in his career as a professional player, the Colombian striker was an example of camaraderie and good sense in this match, since, at the time of scoring this goal, the attacker went to celebrate by giving thanks to God. While he was calmly celebrating the goal he had scored, his teammates and the Boca players had a true pitched battle.

Realizing this aspect, Borja instead of getting into the fight, stayed to one side of the pitch, waiting for things to calm down on the pitch. With this attitude, the Colombian striker received the applause of all Argentine soccer, which highlighted the sportsmanship and tranquility of the River attacker in the face of this embarrassing situation.

King of America

Leaving aside what happened last weekend in the Argentine clasico, it should be mentioned that Borja is one of the most important forwards in Colombian soccer in recent seasons. His constant goals and good performance in the teams he played in led him to achieve outstanding championships, which make him one of the most winning players in recent seasons.

During his professional career, Borja had the opportunity to play for several prominent teams such as Deportivo Cali, Livorno from Italy and Olimpo from Argentina. However, it was when he arrived at Independiente Santa Fe that his career began to take off, a transfer that gave a 180° turn to his life as an athlete and especially as a scorer.

The 'Hummingbird' arrived in the Colombian capital in 2015, and although he did not play many matches during his time in Santa Fe, the striker won one of his most relevant titles in his professional career. This year, the attacker was able to lift the Copa Sudamericana together with the 'Cardenal' team, a team that won this title for Colombia for the first time in history.

After passing through Santa Fe, the attacker returned to his beginnings as a professional. In 2016, Miguel Ángel Borja returned to Cortuluá, a team that always opened doors for him and gave him the necessary confidence to demonstrate all his scoring talent. Having one of his best seasons as a goalscorer, the striker finished as the championship's top scorer, scoring 19 goals this campaign.

The most important jump

Being the top scorer in Colombian soccer, Atlético Nacional made the determination to sign him as the top figure for the Copa Libertadores dispute, an aspect that was considered an important bet by the paisa team. Despite the fact that Borja was criticized a lot at the beginning for his way of playing, the striker showed with goals that he was ready to win a new title in his career.

In 2016, Miguel Ángel Borja was essential for Nacional to win its second Copa Libertadores, a title that is considered one of the most valuable in recent years for Colombian soccer. Likewise, the Colombian goalscorer was one of the best footballers this season, becoming one of the continent's benchmarks.

After winning the Copa Libertadores, his playing career continued in Brazilian soccer, a league in which he continued to demonstrate all his talent as a professional. By having outstanding performances, this footballer began to be constantly called up to the Colombian National Team, becoming one of the great offensive cards for the 'tricolor'.

In an unprecedented turn, Borja made the decision in 2022 to return to Colombian soccer. Despite pundits commenting that the striker's career had come to an end, he showed that he still had a lot of talent to offer. This season, the goalscorer for the Barranquilla team was one of the top scorers of the campaign, an aspect that led to his being signed by River Plate that same year.

Great stats

During his professional career, Borja was the top scorer in Colombian soccer on two occasions (2016, 2020). Likewise, he had the opportunity to be considered the top scorer of the continent, since he was the player who scored the most goals in the 2016 Copa Sudamericana and the 2018 Copa Libertadores.

His most important titles are two Colombian soccer leagues, one achieved with Santa Fe in 2015 and the other with Junior in 2020. In addition, it should be noted that Borja is one of the few soccer players who can say that he won the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana with two different teams.

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