Mike Tyson: A project that revolutionizes the marijuana industry

The Tyson Ranch, as it is known, has 16 hectares of fertile land and it is located 177 km north of Los Angeles. The ranch is a place where the player wants to produce high quality marijuana strains, which thanks to technology it will be posible to discover new possibilities about the drug and its health benefits.


The Blast site revealed that along with him there will be the film producer Robert Hickman, Jay Strommen and the mayor of the city, Jennifer Wood, as part of the project that has already begun to develop.


Mike Tyson has always been a strong defender of the benefits of cannabis. With his new Project, he intends helping in research on the effects of this plant in the medicine field.


Cannabis benefits can be infinite at present. In fact, THC (Delta-9-tetrshydrocannabinol) is the majority compound of marijuana, and most of the effect are attributed to it.


The pharmaceutical and healing properties are still a mystery, even though their use currently varies from treatments for pain reduction, inflammation, to people with cancer or AIDS.


The business will be completely legal in California after Tyson has had problems with justice for marijuana, since in 2000 he tested positive for anti-doping control.


In November 2016, California voters decriminalized the recreational use of marijuana among adults who are 21 years of age or older. It is permissible for people to grow six plants and possess 28 grams (one ounce) of marijuana.


Also, on January 1, the state legalized the cultivation of cannabis and the boxing legend anticipated everyone to have the Tyson Ranch ready as soon as possible. In the meantime, the exboxer inaugurated the lands on which the site will be built.


California City Mayor Jennifer Wood thanked Mike for his commitment to the community, and she said the complex will provide medical marijuana to people in need and generate tax revenues, jobs, and income for the residents.


It is planned that a "Tyson Culture School" will work in this place, which will train those who come to learn "the best and most recent ways of perfecting their own tensions".


Additionally, there will be a hydropower supply plant, a supply store, an edible factory, camps, cabins, and an amphitheater. Furthermore, the company that will exploit the place will be Tyson Holistic, composed mostly by war veterans.


The state has one year to establish regulations for the cannabis retail market, which continue to be elaborated and will be completed in phases in a year.

The goal that Mike Tyson has set is to develop new varieties from marijuana. With this, he hopes leaving behind an era, counting from his professional retire, where he has seen involved in multiple controversial headlines.


LatinAmerican Post | Helber Rojas


Copy edited by Marcela Peñaloza

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