Modifying the decline in Betplay is fair and necessary

Some teams that participate in the first division of Colombian soccer go years without making waves in the first division.

Two players during a soccer game

In the new system proposed by Dimayor, simply the last two teams in the “all against all” phase would go directly to the second division. Photo: Pixabay

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In recent days, it has been revealed that Dimayor wants to modify the way in which the Bet Play League teams descend.

Currently, the decline in Colombian soccer is done through a "relegation table." In this, the average points of the last 3 years are taken into account to define which teams leave the first division.

In the new system proposed by Dimayor, the last two teams in the "all against all" phase would go directly to the second division. This is a much simpler and more useful system, as there are currently many teams in the former that simply cannot compete. Let's look at two teams that show why.

Petroleum Alliance

Perhaps the most obvious case of the need to eliminate the last two teams is Alianza Petrolera. At the close of this edition, this Barrancabermeja-based team has not achieved a single victory in the 14 games it has played (in Colombia 20 games are played in a season).

Alianza, so far in 2021, has been a team that only fulfills one function: to give wins and draws to others. Their matches are boring because there is no competition, it is always an easy victory for the opposing team. This not only affects the image of the club but of the league in general.

However, at this time Alianza Petrolera is not facing elimination. In fact, it could be said that it is relatively far from it. In the red zone is Boyacá Chicó, followed by Deportivo Pereira and Jaguares de Córdoba.

Jaguars of Cordoba

Jaguares, the team that could be eliminated before Alianza Petrolera, is tenth in the current table of positions in Betplay. They have won 6 games, drawing 2, and lost 6.

However, unlike Alianza Petrolera, Jaguares does have something to compete with. This season he has achieved important victories against Millonarios and La Equidad. Although they are not the best team, they can always surprise and that is what creates exciting soccer, not an easy victory over a weak opponent.

Furthermore, the Córdoba players have struggled to win this season, and they do not deserve to return to the second division because of the mistakes of their predecessors. It would be an injustice.

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We have mentioned these two teams, but the reality is that Colombian soccer is full of these two types of cases: Teams that only serve to lose and teams that, when they are about to organize, face elimination due to the current relegation system.

Ideally, even if the system that Dimayor proposes were not implemented, we would want the League to be as competitive as possible. A whole season of having teams that are unable to win more than a couple of games does not only hurt Betplay as a brand, but also the morale and development of the players.

We hope that the change will be implemented as quickly as possible.

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