Natalia Botero Personal Trainer and Model of Resilience

At the age of 21, because of her accident, she suffered a series of serious fractures, including her pelvis that kept her immobilized. Additionally, she was given the news that her leg might have to be amputated.

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The attending physician decides at some point not to perform this surgery and submit her to a strong schedule of therapies for a year, which in the end, thanks to her determination, and her desire to get ahead and recover. She managed, almost miraculously, to walk again, she noticed that she obtained results at the level of integral and structural rehabilitation of her body, Natalia decides to continue with some routines and discipline accompanied by special preparation and training.

Her successful career began in a study for women, whose testimonials attested to the excellent results, which reached the ears of famous women who began the search for this entrepreneur who, due to her studies on the subject, developed a method called 'BOOTY LIKE AN APPLE ', which includes effective routines whose results have been disseminated, managing to have clients whose careers demand bodies in perfect health and physical appearance.

What is incredible is that, despite having so much competition, multiple offers of routines that promise results on a physical level, and personalities that depend on maintaining an impeccable image, have chosen Natalia as their trainer, celebrities such as Sofía Vergara, Shannon de Lima, and Gaby Espino.

We can imagine these women actresses and models choosing among thousands of options and messages that they should receive daily in the arduous task of choosing the best and they found it in this resilient Colombian and an example of improvement.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that she also exercises her role as the mother of two children, without this having caused an obstacle or interruption of her activities or her company, as certain people around her have come to think at some point. If you want to know more about her, you can find her in her networks as natibotero7

The question that we constantly ask ourselves is whether this can be achieved only with a physical routine and great sacrifices of time and financial resources.

Unquestionably, maintaining a good body implies an integral awareness, that is, it not only consists of performing physical exercises with the method, discipline, and perseverance but also implies making decisions at the level of food, for which we must be clear about what foods we eat. benefit and which do not, since each metabolism is different for each of us and therefore assimilates food differently, but what is clear is that we should try to consume as little as possible sweets, saturated fats, processed foods, and carbohydrates.

A full awareness of our well-being must be a constant for each of us, regardless of our roles as mothers, executives, entrepreneurs, or students.

The Woman Post invites you to establish an agenda of healthy routines. In it, you must record daily or at least weekly habits, for example, consumption of a sufficient quantity of vegetables, fruits, water, cereals, and protein that represent a balanced diet. Includes meditation sessions, aromatherapy, walks in the fresh air, outings with your pet, yoga in the park, reading a book, and meeting friends and family.

Technology is not a replacement for what you can do personally. Say yes to birthday celebrations, and special date walks. Don't lock yourself in with the excuse of being busy! That moment that life offers you to receive and give hugs and affection passes and you will not be able to recover it.

Natalia's story raises the importance of resilience, of not giving up, of putting apologies before what is important, of having conviction against all evidence, and above all of seeking our integral well-being, that is, physical, emotional, social, and professional.

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