Newcastle: The Rich Premier League Team Led by a Paraguayan

Newcastle is one of the big surprises of the season. The 'Magpies' team is currently led by a Paraguayan player. Here we tell you his story.

Miguel Almirón

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Newcastle's 2022-2023 season has been one of the best in recent years. The constant changes in its directives, the arrival of a coach who enhances the game of his players, and the hiring of outstanding players is the key to the success of this new team under construction.

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A few years ago, Newcastle became the property of Mohammed Bin Salman, Prince of Saudi Arabia, who has invested a large amount of money in this English team. Since the arrival of this tycoon, the 'magpies' team has been classified as the richest team in the world, remembering the amount of money its owner has.

Historical purchase

The most striking purchase in recent years made by Newcastle is that of the Swedish striker Alexander Isak. The 23-year-old footballer has been transferred from Real Sociedad for a sum of around 70 million euros, a negotiation that has opened the door for the reconstruction of this team.

Historically, Newcastle is considered a traditional team in England, remembering that they have rarely been at the top of the championship. That is why the arrival of Mohammed Bin Salman changed the face of this team, which now intends to become one of the most important squads in Europe.

South American talent

Despite having great economic power, the team owner is aware that harsh sanctions are currently being applied to teams that want to start emerging due to economic injections. Faced with this situation, the Arab tycoon has made the determination to build this sports project little by little.

This is why the continuity of the Brazilians Bruno Guimarães and Joelinton are essential for the growth of this team. The 25-year-old midfielder has taken a place in the starting eleven of this squad, an aspect that has shown all his talent in the midfield area. In addition to this, it is necessary to highlight the work that Guimarães has been doing with the selection of his country.

For his part, the 26-year-old striker has been with the English team for several seasons, so he knows perfectly well what it means to stand out with this squad. His versatility and great dedication in attack and defense have been of great help for the style of play that his coach has been embodying this season.

From Paraguay to the world

Another of the crucial pieces for this team is the Paraguayan midfielder Miguel Almirón. The 29-year-old footballer is one of the best players on this squad, remembering that he is currently the club's top scorer this season with 11 goals.

As if this were not enough, the Paraguayan is among the top scorers of the season, a statistic that confirms the excellent campaign he has been having in England. With these kinds of performances, Almirón has become one of the banners of Newcastle and the Paraguayan National Team, as he is currently considered the best Paraguayan player in the world.

They go for the Champions League

Currently, the group of 'magpies' is in fifth position in the Premier League, being one step away from being able to obtain a direct place in the Champions League the following season. Mohammed Bin Salman has made it clear since his arrival that the main objective for this team is to be able to compete in the most important tournament on the old continent.

To this we must add their outstanding performance in the Carabao Cup, a competition in which they have finished runner-up, thus being a few steps away from adding a new title to their record. With these kinds of results, Newcastle has given something to talk about throughout this season, since it has bested the most relevant teams in this competition.

Coach Eddie Howe's team has shown, this season, to be a team with courage and bravery. These characteristics have allowed them to obtain excellent results, which have them on the verge of once again being among the best teams in England.

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