Nicole Regnier: The Colombian professional soccer diva

Why is her talent recognized outside and inside the field?

Nicole Regnier: The Colombian professional soccer diva

The professional feminine league of Colombia is one of the great sporting successes of the country famous for its coffee. In 2017, one of the most ambitious women’s competitions in Latin America began and it is expected that in 2018 the women’s league will continue to grow.

For this, the Colombian clubs are hiring female stars. One of the most media hiring at the moment is the signing of Nicole Regnier, who is known in the sports world for her beauty and talent. The Junior of Barranquilla is the team that will enjoy the addition of this player of the Colombian national team.

Who is Nicole Regnier?

She was born in Cali on February 28, 1995. Her first sports steps were at the Atlas Sports Club. Subsequently, in 2013 she traveled to the old continent to join Atlético de Madrid Femeninas B and later Rayo Vallecano de Madrid.

In October 2016 she was signed by América de Cali, where an injury took her away from the field for several weeks. However, her presence, her style of play and her experience as a professional soccer player in Europe were sufficient reasons for the Junior of Barranquilla to hire one of the female soccer stars in Colombia in January 2018.

Fame of the Colombian athlete

In the course of her career as a professional footballer, Regnier has been working to create a favorable image in the world of sports. Social networks have been complicit in her sporting success, given that the football pages have exposed the great talent that Regnier has on and off the pitch.

Due to her discipline and good game, Regnier has become a reference in women’s soccer. The testimony of her sporting success inspires the new generations of women who dream of playing in the most important women’s leagues in the world. For this reason, The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), in 2014, named her an ambassador of the institution, with the aim of raising awareness in the community about respect for the rights of children and adolescents, given that the life testimony of Nicole exposes that dreams can be fulfilled.

Likewise, the popularity of this player outside the field continues to increase. Recently, it was announced that the Common Goal movement, directed by the Spanish Manchester United player, Juan Mata, will receive 1% of Regnier’s salary, in order to use football as a tool for social development of the most vulnerable communities in the world. Several professional players around the world have joined to the initiative.

The truth is that the Colombian is one of the stars of the national and international soccer. Her charisma, her beauty, her talent, and her good heart is recognized by the world of sports and by the great soccer family, which makes Nicole  Regnier a reference in the Colombian women’s soccer league.


Latin American Post | Bryan Andrés Murcia

Copy edited by Laura Rocha Rueda

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