Parkour: The New Sport that Would be in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

The extreme sport is close to being considered an Olympic discipline. We tell you everything you need to know about parkour.

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Parkour is an extreme sport, which is based on moving from one point to another. One of the keys to this is the quality of all its athletes, who demonstrate their agility and dexterity by performing jumps and acrobatics while traveling around the circuit. Another fundamental aspect to take into account is the context in which it is carried out, since all practitioners must have a sense of adaptation to the environment.

This sport has the possibility of being practiced in nature or in urban areas, which are adapted to demand the most from all athletes, who must carry out numerous aerial maneuvers in order to score a greater number of points. This discipline reflects the strength, speed, and athleticism of all its exponents, who run, jump and turn in a certain time throughout the circuit.

Advantages of parkour

Being a sport, parkour has many benefits for the life of those who practice it. This discipline improves balance, cardiorespiratory capacity and spatial perception, favors the problem-solving capacity and taking decisions in risky situations, develops motor skills and increases strength.


Against this aspect, being an extreme sport, those interested in this discipline should take into account that parkour can cause injuries due to sprains or falls, it has a strong impact on ligaments and joints, it is not recommended for people with hemophilia or osteoporosis.

In addition to this, this sport can be practiced by anyone, since, for several years, this discipline has attracted the attention of children and young people, who are entering the most important competitions in the world. Likewise, having comfortable clothing and a balanced diet is essential to carry it out in the best way.

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This sport has its origins in France and reached the point of turning it into a discipline that is carried out in the country’s army, with the intention that its soldiers have the necessary ability to move quickly, avoiding all the obstacles they encounter around it. This is why, being the pioneer in these competitions, the French want to have this sport in the next Olympic Games.

New Olympic Sport

The evolution and growth of this sport led him to be considered one of the great options to be in the next Olympic Games. The capacity to be practiced in stadiums, velodromes, or domes makes it perfect to be held in the great event. Also, the fight against animal abuse would make the International Olympic Committee decide to ban all sports that involve animals, so it would have several places to fill for these competitions.

Given this situation, the fight to include parkour in the Olympic Games began four years ago, so Paris 2024 would be the perfect occasion for the arrival of this discipline. At the moment, the International Olympic Committee has not given its final verdict.

If the arrival of parkour for the 2024 jousts does not materialize, this sport would be included for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games, an aspect that would best enhance this discipline. Finally, it must be clarified that gymnastics would be directly associated with all parkour participants, so it would be considered within the branches of the International Gymnastics Federation.

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