Qatar 2022: The World Cup of T-shirts, the Big Brands Also Played their Tournament

The Qatar 2022 World Cup is reaching its final match, and the big brands are also playing their own final. Adidas representing Argentina and Nike dressing France have their own duel that can mean large profits for dressing the world champion.

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According to projections by the sports marketing firm EuroMericas, hand in hand with Google and Amazon, it is estimated that sales of official jerseys of the participating teams will reach a figure close to three billion dollars. This amount doubles the billion and a half dollars reached in the World Cup in Russia in 2018.

Before the start of the World Cup, the teams that had sold the most shirts were Spain with 2,100,000, followed by Argentina with 1,850.000, in third position was the French team with 1,710.000, followed by Mexico with 1,650.000 and closing the top 5, England with 1,570.000.

Of the 32 participating teams, the North American firm Nike was the one that dressed the most, with a total of 13 teams, equivalent to 40% of the total number of participating countries. For their part, the German multinationals Adidas and Puma provided clothing to 7 and 6 teams respectively, 6 brands were redistributed to the remaining teams.

Regarding the results in the pure soccer field, the sports brands had different performances, Nike was fortunate that 6 of its 13 teams advanced to the quarterfinals (Brazil, Croatia, Portugal, England, France, and the Netherlands). For its part, Adidas could barely advance to this stage with Argentina (somewhat surprising, since they also dressed favorite teams on paper such as Belgium, Spain, and Germany), for its part, Puma reached this stage thanks to the surprising Morocco.

Precisely, the sporting result has catapulted the fanaticism and the sales of shirts in a selection on time. The most surprising case is the issue of the semifinalist Morocco, which sold out its stock of shirts both in Qatar and in different countries in the Middle East, Spain, and France. Puma has known how to take advantage of a commercial alliance that began in 2019.

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Regardless of who is crowned champion at the Lusail stadium next Sunday, in terms of marketing and jersey sales there is one big winner and that is the Argentine team. The phenomenon of the 'Scaloneta', the last World Cup that Lionel Messi will play, his possible consecration as champion and taking revenge for the defeat suffered in the 2014 World Cup final in Brazil, have aroused unprecedented fervor not only in gaucho territory, it has become a phenomenon on a planetary scale.

What is happening in countries like Bangladesh, with a fanaticism for Argentina, the dissemination of the song "Muchachos, ahora nos volvimos a ilusionar" by La Mosca and the way in which the Argentine fans have taken over the different stadiums in Qatar have made have a viral effect. As a consequence, the stocks of the light blue and white striped jersey have been depleted in different countries around the world.

At the end of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the most optimistic projections will fall short and what to think if the Argentine team becomes champion. Possibly Adidas will have to negotiate a new contract for the price of the shirt, which despite its media impact is not among the most expensive. On the contrary, it is the case of the leader Germany with a contract of 65 million euros, followed by France with 50 million and England with 38.7 million.

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