Ronaldinho is arrested in Paraguay with his brother Roberto

The Brazilian star was captured on March 4 in Paraguay and is now being detained again.

Ronaldinho Gaucho.

The soccer player and his brother are detained in Paraguay. / Photo: Fortes

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Follow the judicial scandal that involves former Brazilian soccer player Ronaldiho and his brother Roberto Assis Moeira. Both were arrested last Wednesday, March 4, 2020, at the entrance of Paraguay for trying to enter the country carrying false passports. The next day, Judge Mirko Valinotti ruled to liberate the brothers after declaring that they would help in the investigation that surrounds them.



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Thanks to this and the relevant data that the two brothers shared with the prosecutor of Paraguay, on Thursday, March 5, that is, the day after the arrest, the prosecutor of the case, Federico Delfino, decided to access the procedural exit procedure abbreviated that Judge Mirko Valinotti who would temporarily release Roberto and Ronaldinho.

A new detention

On Thursday after the prosecutor's decision, it seemed that the brothers could leave Paraguay because, according to the judge, they were not under precautionary measures that prevented them from leaving the country. However, on Friday, March 6, there was a second arrest of the former soccer player and his brother.

This second detention took place at the Sheraton hotel in Asunción, where both brothers were staying, last Friday night. On Saturday morning they were sent to a detention center where the star was seen handcuffed.

This arrest is because they issued preventive detention for Ronaldinho and his brother for possible obstruction of justice. Clara Ruíz Díaz, magistrate of the case, affirms that these are two foreigners who entered the country illegally and that they have the means not only to flee but also to obstruct justice. That is why it has been decided that the two brothers should be deprived of their liberty for preventive reasons.

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Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto will then be detained in the building of the Specialized Association of the National Police of Paraguay.

However, the lawyer of the Assis Moeira brothers, Tarek Tuma, told the press that he will appeal this decision of the judge since he finds no reason to retain and deprive two people who have already accepted the facts of those accused, who have not denied anything and who are also collaborating with the investigation that revolves around the falsification of documents. And it is that an investigation of Dalia López, owner of the foundation responsible for the visit of the former soccer player to the Paraguayan country and that apparently was also the one who received the false documents.

The judges of the Assis Moeira brothers, as well as themselves, are waiting for the outcome of the appeal, but in the meantime, the brothers must remain where they are currently held.

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