Ruedo Tres to Shape the Future of Mexican Bullfighting

In a historic move that has sent ripples through Mexico’s bullfighting community, three formidable companies, Don Bull, Corona + Corona, and Feria Toro, joined forces to create Ruedo Tres. This new initiative is poised to reshape the country’s bullfighting scene, bringing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to an age-old tradition.

Ruedo Tres Emerges on the Bullfighting Scene

The announcement of Ruedo Tres took place just a day before the Plaza México unveiled the line-up for its reopening after nearly two years of closure due to legal issues. This timing clearly showed that Ruedo Tres intends to be a significant player in the Mexican bullfighting arena.

At its core, Ruedo Tres represents the fusion of three established companies, each with its legacy and expertise in bullfighting management. Juan Pablo Corona, representing Corona + Corona, José Luis Alatorre, from Feria Toro, and Pedro Haces, the owner of Don Bull and a partner with Simón Casas in Madrid’s iconic Las Ventas bullring, stood together to introduce this groundbreaking collaboration to the world.

A Historic Merger in Mexican Bullfighting

One of the standout aspects of this union is that it marks the very first time such a merger has occurred in the Mexican bullfighting industry. While the three companies will continue to oversee the bullrings they manage independently, the birth of Ruedo Tres means they can collectively expand their reach to organize bullfighting events in even more locations across Mexico.

Pedro Haces, a prominent Mexican labor union leader known for his close affiliation with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, shared insights into the genesis of this ambitious project. Haces revealed that the groundwork for Ruedo Tres was laid six months before its public announcement. He emphasized his intention to negotiate lower prices with cattle ranchers to ensure the sustainability of bullfighting. He urged foreign bullfighters to consider reducing their fees when performing in Mexico.

Focus on Bull Welfare

The underlying principles of Ruedo Tres are firmly rooted in the welfare and integrity of the bull. When questioned whether the post-mortem analysis of bulls, a practice discontinued in most Mexican bullrings, would be reinstated in arenas managed by Ruedo Tres, Haces unequivocally declared his willingness to reintroduce this measure.

Conducting post-mortem examinations is vital for verifying the bulls’ horn integrity and age accuracy, ensuring a fair and ethical bullfighting experience. Haces also clarified that the partnership in Mexico does not overlap with his collaboration with Simón Casas in Europe, emphasizing that the two are distinct and separate.

Ruedo Tres’s Grand Objectives

Juan Pablo Corona highlighted one of Ruedo Tres’s foremost objectives: to prepare for the grand celebration of 2026, commemorating 500 years of bullfighting events in Mexico City. This landmark event promises to be a significant milestone for bullfighting enthusiasts, attracting attention not only from within Mexico but also from aficionados around the world.

Meanwhile, José Luis Alatorre stressed another critical mission of Ruedo Tres: generating employment opportunities and bringing the tradition of bullfighting to regions of Mexico where such events are currently absent. This endeavor aligns with the company’s vision to broaden the horizons of bullfighting, making it more accessible and inclusive across the nation.

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The birth of Ruedo Tres signifies a pivotal moment in the history of Mexican bullfighting. With the combined strength of three leading companies, a commitment to bull welfare, and ambitious plans for the future, Ruedo Tres has positioned itself as a formidable player in the Mexican bullfighting arena, ready to lead the way into a new era for this iconic tradition.  

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