Santiago Giménez: the Key Piece of Feyenoord to Break a Losing Streak of Thirteen Years

Feyenoord of the Netherlands was crowned champion of the local league after 13 years. One of its great figures was the Mexican striker Santiago Giménez.

Santiago Gimenez being champion

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The big leagues of the old continent entered the final stage of their seasons, so we are already seeing several teams crowned champions of domestic tournaments. One of the most important surprises this season was the title won by Feyenoord, a team that after thirteen years managed to add a new championship to its record.

This title came thanks to the outstanding season of numerous of its players, of which the Mexican striker Santiago 'el bebote' Giménez stands out. Since his arrival in the Netherlands, the young footballer demonstrated all his scoring talent, quickly earning the love of all the fans of this team, who turned this soccer player into one of their greatest banners.

The Key Piece of the Title

The 22-year-old attacker quickly became the team's starting striker, as in a few days he became one of the top scorers of the season and of the club. Given these outstanding presentations, Giménez was considered one of the best signings of the campaign in Dutch soccer.

Feyenoord is classified as one of the most important teams in the Netherlands, taking into account the quality of players that went through the institution and the number of championships that this team managed to achieve in its history. Despite this outstanding record, the 'van het volk club' was surpassed for thirteen consecutive years by its greatest rivals.

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This is why this club had a bad run of thirteen seasons in a row without being able to add league titles to its record. Although this was one of the worst statistics in the club's history, the arrival of promising young players in the squad was a key aspect of the club's return to being the best team in the Netherlands.

The Mexican Goalscorer

In the 2022-2023 season, Santiago Giménez has played 30 games, in which he scored 15 goals and provided 3 assists. So he demonstrated that he is not only a machine to capitalize on goal actions, but he can also be associated in the best way with all his teammates. With these good statistics, the Mexican striker is the fourth top scorer in the Eredivisie.

Likewise, the 'Tri' attacker was constantly chosen in the team of the week for this important competition, recognition that continues to enhance the excellent goal scoring moment that this player went through throughout this season in the Eredivisie. On the other hand, it should be noted that this young footballer scored a good number of goals in the Europa League, one of the most outstanding competitions on the old continent.

With these constant goals, Feyenoord had an acceptable presentation in this international competition, in which they were eliminated in the quarterfinals at the hands of Roma from Italy. That is why, this season, the team led by Arne Slot was classified as one of the best players throughout the season in the big leagues of the old continent.

Latin Americans to Power

In addition to having the great scoring moment of Santiago Giménez, Feyenoord had the outstanding level of competition from other Latin American players, who little by little earned a place in the starting team. Igor Paixão, Ezequiel Bullaude, Marcos López and Danilo are the other South American athletes who were essential for this team to achieve this important championship.

Having one of their best seasons in recent years, Feyenoord is expected to have a busy transfer market. From now on, several teams with greater economic power are close to finalizing the hiring of some of their most outstanding players. This is why its fans expect its managers to make an effort to maintain the base of this champion team.

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