Soccer: The best ambidextrous in the world

The art of mastering both legs equally makes some soccer players more complete than others. These are the most important .

Santi Cazorla and Ousmane Dembelé

These are some players who have shown talent with both legs when it comes to scoring goals. Photos: TW-19SCazorla, IG-o.dembele7

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Anyone who likes soccer knows the skillful leg of their favorite player. For example, we all know that Lionel Messi is the most important left-footed in the world, while Cristiano Ronaldo always knew how to use his right leg for big goals . However, not even they have the possibility to dominate both legs in the same way.

For example, recently the Mundo Deportivo website highlights the performance of the French Ousmane Dembélé, one of the most prominent players of FC Barcelona . Its main virtue? The possibility of dominating the ball with both the left and the right. So, let's look at other cases of the most important ambidextrous soccer players today.

Emiliano Rigoni

We start with one of the most representative cases in Latin America. The current winger of Zenit de San Petesburgo always managed to stand out for his enormous punch , something he can do both on the left and on the right wing. However, that's not all: he also knows how to carry the ball on his feet with either of them.

This makes him a multifunctional player, as he can perform perfectly on either side of the field . According to Olé, it is also an atypical case, since the player himself defines himself as left-handed, although he knows how to handle both profiles (unlike many others, right-handed by nature who trained the left-foot a lot).

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Pedro Rodriguez

FC Barcelona is used to players who handle both profiles. If he currently has Dembélé as the maximum exponent, we cannot omit the Spanish Pedro Rodríguez, who currently plays for AS Roma in Serie A in Italy , where he also operates in the winger position.

At 33, Pedro seeks to demonstrate why he was one of the most important jewels that came out of La Masia. After a fruitful stint in the Premier League at Chelsea FC, the Canarian brings the experience to his team, where he also shows that he continues to use both legs with total solvency.

Ivan Perišić

This soccer player comes from a generation of Croatian professionals where technique became essential, especially the handling of both legs. Although some of his compatriots, such as Luka Modrić or Marcelo Brozović, also have no problem using their left foot, Perišić is the best of the three .

At 32, he continues to be one of the key players at Inter Milan , where he contributes his extensive tour of the left wing, although he is also available to do so on the right. In addition to optimal handling with the ball on any of his feet, which makes him a very complete professional.

Santi Cazorla

Perhaps one of the players with the best command of both legs. The originally right-handed midfielder managed to make his left foot not the last option when his right foot cannot be used, but instead gives it an important utility. That is, he dominates the center of the field with either of the two and it is very common to see him throw filtered passes with them.

In addition, we must not forget that he is a true specialist in free throws, which he usually shoots with the right. However, as Marca reveals, in 2015 he scored one with his left foot, in an Emirates Cup match against Olympique Lyon , demonstrating his enormous talent that he has been for years.

Simone Verdi

Finally, we have a case similar to the previous one, but much more curious. In this case, we are talking about two goals that the midfielder made in 2017, when he was part of Bologna .

It was in the match against Crotone, for Serie A, where he scored two free-kick goals… one with each leg . At 28, he is active in Turin, with a market value of 8 million euros, according to Transfermarkt, where he will seek to repeat similar feats.

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