Sports and Enterpreneurship: successful entrepreneurships of Colombian athletes

In Colombia, it is difficult to succeed both in entrepreneurship and in sports, but these people show that it can be done.

Photo of the store 'Go Rigo Go' by Rigoberto Urán

Here we will show you the companies that some Colombian athletes have devised. Photo: TW-UranRigoberto

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In Colombia and in Latin America in general, it is difficult to be successful in entrepreneurship. Also, depending on the country, it is difficult to succeed as a professional athlete. However, these three Colombians show that despite adversity, hard work and diligence make the impossible possible. Here we will show you the companies that they have devised using their fame as professional athletes.


Go Rigo Go

This brand of clothing and accessories for cycling, founded by the cyclist Rigoberto Urán, offers its products in 10 physical stores nationwide in the main cities, as well as in various points of sale. It also has a virtual store and this year it opened its first physical headquarters in Costa Rica. It sold more than 20 thousand units of garments over the course of the pandemic and with great international support as well as Urán's entrepreneurial mindset, Go Rigo Go is expected to continue to be successful for a long time to come.

Mineral water 10 gold

This brand was created by James Rodriguez, the most popular Colombian soccer player of the moment, who currently plays for Everton in the Premier League. Its brand offers mineral water and energy drinks. James also has a philanthropic streak evident in the Colombia Somos Todos foundation, which seeks to promote social change through sports. Since this, it has helped 4,535 children and adolescents in Antioquia, Casanare, Tolima, Bolívar and Atlántico, according to its official website.


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Beyond Gold

This is the personal brand of Mariana Pajón, the greatest representative of BMX in Colombia and the only Olympic medalist of this sport in the country. It specializes in the sale of sporting goods, including clothing and accessories. The athlete has the brand's logo tattooed on her arm, as a sign of her commitment to this brand and its message. The only company authorized to market products bearing his name is Beyond Gold & Cia S.A.S.



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