Taking Care of the Planet: 5 Sustainability Campaigns of Famous Soccer Clubs

Estas campañas de sostenibilidad de clubes de fútbol famosos demuestran que al deporte le importa el planeta.


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Soccer and the environment go hand in hand. Many sports clubs are committing themselves to the fight by contributing an important share in sustainability. For example, in the Premier League there is a ranking in which all the teams compete to determine who is the most committed to the planet.

Such aspects like the amount of waste, the cost of water, energy and transportation and the supply of healthy foods, among others, are evaluated. However, it is clear that this is not all: there are several renowned clubs in the world that have carried out interesting campaigns to take care of the planet. We tell you which have been the most outstanding.


Precisely, it is the team that heads the environmental ranking of the Premier League due to several actions. One of them is the creation of a nature reserve next to its sports city. This complex is used so that the children of the club can practice sports, but without compromising the environmental diversity of the place.

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Similarly, Tottenham have also stood out for a campaign for the first “truly green” game. It happened on September 19, 2021 against Chelsea, in a classic that became the first to have 0 carbon dioxide emissions, to raise awareness about the dangers of climate change.

Thus, the hashtag #GameZero was launched, which had the support of the British Government and the Sky television network. Consequently, the energy of that match was reduced to the minimum possible, while fans and clubs committed to traveling by public transport or bicycle. Food? All based on locally grown vegetables, with subsequent recycling of waste.

Boca Juniors

One of the biggest clubs in Argentina has also carried out good campaigns to raise awareness about climate change. On World Environment Day 2021, which occurred on June 5, the club’s official account mentioned that they committed to saving native forests with the Forest Bank.

For example, they commented that in Argentina more than 30 Bomboneras (club stadium) are dismantled per hour. However, they did not just stay with simple messages: in the last final of the 2021 Copa Argentina against Talleres, the club promoted the measurement and compensation of the carbon footprint.

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Therefore, all those who attended the court received instructions to avoid contamination, such as the correct recycling of waste, the importance of not throwing garbage on the floor and taking care of the natural resources. Thus, that Boca-Talleres was the first ecological final in the country.

Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid is another of the most important institutions in terms of ecology. Proof of this is the Wanda Metropolitano, a stadium where the ‘rojiblancos’ play as a local. The colchoneros started a campaign to show how the planet is cared for in this stadium, where they told the fans part of its peculiar design.

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For example, the stadium takes advantage of air conditioning and uses solar energy to produce hot water. In this way, the excess water is reused to irrigate the lawn. They also have thermal solar panels, which serve to reduce the external electricity consumption of the club.

In addition, on social networks they have also informed fans about the importance of caring for the ecosystem. For example, on World Environment Day, the Fundación Atletico Madrid decided to give all Atleti employees a tree so that they can plant it in their environment and contribute to the planet.

Bayern Munich

Germany’s biggest club took various initiatives to take care of the environment. For example, in 2015 LED lights were installed that save 40% of energy. In addition, since 2018, at the Allianz Arena (the club’s stadium), reusable cups have been used. For this action, in 2019, the club became the first winner of the European Reusable award.

They also launched campaigns in collaboration with players. For example, the brand has been working with Audi for several years, and in 2020 it became the first institution in which all players have electric cars. Therefore, they became “ambassadors” of the protection of the planet.


Finally, PSG also carried out different campaigns to take care of the planet. Perhaps the most notable was hand in hand with the UN, as it became the first French club to sign its commitment to implement ecological measures.

Among them, PSG intends to recycle waste in the stadium or install solar panels in the kitchens, with the aim of contributing to the fight against climate change.

Without a doubt, you have already seen some teams that have launched great campaigns and measures to contribute to the planet. We hope this information has been useful to you!

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