The End Of A Reign: Amanda Nunes Surprisingly Announces Her Retirement From The UFC

Amanda Nunes retained the bantamweight title in the main event at UFC 289 and then surprisingly announced her retirement from professional sports .

Amanda Nunes

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The Brazilian Amanda Nunes ends her career as a professional athlete in the best way. At 35 years old, the fighter retained her bantamweight championship against the Mexican Irene Aldana , who was outclassed throughout the fight. That is why "La Leona" once again was victorious in this main event by unanimous decision of all the judges of the match.

Farewell in style

At the moment of concretizing a new victory and a successful defense of her championship, the Brazilian took the microphone and commented that this was the perfect moment to retire from professional sports. In her words, the Brazilian made it clear that she will always be a double champion and that all her triumphs are due to the work of many years and the support of all her relatives.

After saying these words, Nunes took off her gloves, put her two championships on the ground and knelt in tears in front of them, thanking all the Canadian audience who filled all the seats on the Vancouver stage. With her farewell, Nunes puts an end to one of the most important legacies of the UFC, if all the triumphs that this Brazilian fighter had had are taken into account.

'The Lioness' that changed history

Amanda Nunes made UFC history . The Brazilian is currently the fighter with the most titles in the division, she was the first and only fighter to be a double champion . During his career, he defeated Ronda Rousey, Holly Holm and Cris Cyborg on several occasions, athletes who are also in the hall of fame of this sport and who could not overcome Nunes.

Of his last 15 fights, he only lost one, which came as a surprise. In the fight against Julianna Peña, the Brazilian looked very confident and this played a trick on her and ended up costing her the fight. It was a fairly criticized defeat against the Brazilian fighter.

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Despite losing her championship in this fight, Nunes showed after a few months that she had no rival in the women's divisions, as she easily defeated Julianna Peña in the rematch, who could do little before the power of the goals of ' The lioness'. After overcoming this setback, Amanda defeated all her rivals and became the most outstanding fighter in the history of this sport.

The birth of a legend

Amanda Nunes' legacy is impressive and seems impossible to match. Since her arrival in the UFC, the Brazilian has demonstrated her full potential and in a short time has become one of the great references in this sport. His retirement took all his fans by surprise, since no one expected that, after achieving such an important victory in his career, he would decide to leave professional sports.

Nunes made the decision to retire at perhaps the best moment of his career, in which he seems to have no rival that could take away his championships. Likewise, the Brazilian says goodbye to the entire world of the UFC by being the bantamweight and featherweight champion, an aspect that leaves these two titles vacant.

For now, Nunes commented that his wish is to spend more time with his wife and daughter , who have become a fundamental part of his life. This is why she puts the world of sports aside to focus solely on the well-being of her and her entire family. 'La Leona' retires in style from the UFC and puts an end to one of the most important reigns in the history of these competitions, thus becoming a true legend of mixed martial arts.

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