The goalkeepers of the 5 major leagues with the most saves in 2020

These keepers kept busy the last year and stood out for their numbers .

Alessio Cragno and Luigi Sepe

These are the five goalkeepers who made the most saves in 2020, according to the CIES Football Observatory. / Photos: Ig-alecragno28, IG-luigisepe

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The role of a goalkeeper goes beyond making saves, but without a doubt this is the most important skill that a good goalkeeper must develop. Much more in the big five leagues, where forwards are precise and powerful. However, sometimes this statistic can be misleading, as it can indicate that a team's defense is failing and allowing more shooting opportunities. It is a case in which the data can be misleading, so the stops must always be interpreted with a clear context.

Without further ado , these are the five goalkeepers that made the most saves in 2020, according to the CIES Football Observatory. All statistics in this article are current as of January 5, 2021, the close of this edition.

Alessio Cragno

With 126 stops, Alessio Cragno of Cagliari Calcio leads this list. 26 years old and 1.84m, Cragno has conceded 31 goals this Serie A season and had his score on zero only twice. It cannot be said precisely that he is a star. His team is currently in 15th place in Serie A.

Aaron Ramsdale

A Sheffield United player, Ramsdale made 116 saves in 2020. Ramsadle is 22 years old and is 1.91m tall. This season in the Premier he has not done very well to say, conceding 29 without a single clean sheet. However, Ramsdale is still too young and has a lot to learn. His team is currently ranked 20th in the Premier League.


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Aitor Fernández and Luigi Sepe

Aitor plays for Levante in Spain and Luigi for Parma Calcio in Italy, but both made 112 saves in 2020 . This season Aitor has conceded 20 goals compared to Luigi's 28, but the Italian has had 4 clean games and the Spaniard only 1. They have both played almost the same number of games, Aitor 14 and Luigi 15. Who would you choose to save your team's bow? Levante is 13 and Parma Calcio 16 in their respective leagues.


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Nick pope

Perhaps the best archer on this list. Pope made 110 saves in 2020. So far this season the Burnley player has conceded 15 goals in 14 games, but they have not scored goals in 6 different meetings. His team is in position number 16 in the Premier.

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