The Incredible Season Of María Camila Osorio In 2021

María Camila Osorio in 2021 has had a methodical rise in the WTA rankings.

Maria Camila Osorio

The cucuteña went from being unknown to being on everyone’s lips in a few months. Photo: IG-_camilaosorio_

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María Camila Osorio was one of the most recognized names in Colombian sports this year. The cucuteña went from being unknown to being on everyone's lips in a few months. Her season ended last weekend, but it is worth reviewing everything that María Camila Osorio achieved in 2021.

The initial spark: The Colsanitas Cup

The tournament that started it all, the Colsanitas Cup was María Camila Osorio's first WTA title and the competition that brought her to fame.

In April 2021, when he was 180 in the world, Osorio took her first steps towards stardom by winning this competition. She beat the Slovenian Tamara Zidansek, with partial 7-5, 6-3, and 6-4 to take this title. Perhaps what helped her media visibility, even more, was the fact that he won in Bogotá, the capital of her native country.

This victory catapulted her 50 places in the WTA ranking, from 180 to 135, but it would not stop there.

The data of a successful year

Osorio played 52 games in 2021, of which he won 35 and lost 17. In total, he won a title, a subtitle, and two semifinals.

For those who are not so knowledgeable about tennis, it may seem like an unimpressive balance, but it should be noted that several of her victories were against players located in the top 50 in the world.

This year, the cucuteña triumphed over:

  • Elina Svitolina (6) in 1R of Tenerife.
  • Camila Giorgi (36) in 4R of Tenerife.
  • Magda Linette (51) at Charleston 1R
  • Shuai Zhang (44) in Belgrade 1R.
  • Katerina Aleksandrova (36) at Wimbledon 2R

It is worth highlighting the victory against Elina Svitolina, who is one of the best tennis players in the world, and in September 2017 she was ranked number 3 in the world.

These are the achievements that place Osorio as number 53 in the world at this time, being not only the Colombian but the highest-rated Latina in the WTA. At only 19 years old!

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What is coming in the future?

Of the Grand Slams, María Camila only needs to play the Australian Open, which will start in February next year. The Colombian has clarified that her main objective is to focus on next year's preseason, to qualify for this prestigious event.

From our side next year we would like to see more victories over top 10 players, as well as better results at the Grand Slams. We believe that María Camila still has a lot of potential, and although she has not yet made it to the third round in a Grand Slam, we believe it is very possible that in 2022 we will see her in a quarter-final or even a semi-final.

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