The Most Valuable Rosters in the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana

Brazilian teams lead the most expensive payrolls in Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana. We tell you which other teams stand out in this list .

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Approximately 5 years ago, Brazilian teams began to form squads with values that exceed, by many millions, their rivals in the Conmebol international tournaments. That is why in the final phases a superiority of these clubs is seen over the opponents of other countries. According to the Transfermarkt portal, for this 2023, in the Copa Libertadores within the 10 most expensive rosters there are only 3 clubs that do not belong to Brazil, while in the Copa Sudamericana the squads do not seem to be so different. 


The most expensive payroll in South America belongs to Flamengo with 161 million euros, followed by Palmeiras with a value of 133 million euros and Atlético Mineiro, whose squad is worth 119 million. These clubs are in the Copa Libertadores, although the last mentioned has not yet qualified for the group stage, their participation began in phase 2 of the championship.

In the South American, this country also has the most expensive rosters in the tournament, Red Bull Bragantino, Santos and São Paulo lead the list. The squads of these clubs are over 80 million euros.


Despite the devaluation of the Argentine peso, the clubs in this country remain financially strong. This is demonstrated by the values of some templates. River Plate, Boca Juniors and Racing belong to the group of 10 Copa Libertadores payrolls with values of 97, 85 and 42 million euros respectively. In the other international championship, San Lorenzo, Tigre and Estudiantes de La Plata are the non-Brazilian clubs with the highest monetary value.


With a value of 23 million euros, Nacional has the most expensive payroll in this country. However, in the Copa Libertadores it is in 16th place, followed by Liverpool of Montevideo, which has a value of 16 million.

In the Copa Sudamericana, Peñarol and Defensor Sporting, eliminated in the first phase, have the highest value squads in this country, however, they are out of the top 10.


In Copa Libertadores, Nacional is the most expensive team in the country with a price of 22 million euros, the second is Millonarios that costs 19 million. Both are within the 20 most expensive squads in the championship.

By Copa Sudamericana, Junior has a value of 19 million euros. However, this team was eliminated by Tolima, which costs 3 million less. The other team classified to the group stage, Santa Fe, has a team valued at 12 million.


Without counting the Argentine and Brazilian teams in the Copa Libertadores, Paraguay has the teams with the highest value compared to the other South American countries: Olimpia with a price of 26 million euros and Cerro Porteño with a team valued at 24 million.

On the other hand, in the second international tournament of Conmebol, Guaraní and Sportivo Ameliano are the clubs with the highest value, the first has a cost of 9 million euros, while the second is worth 4 million.

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Independiente del Valle and Barcelona de Guayaquil are the Ecuadorian teams with the most expensive squads in the Libertadores, the first is worth 18 million and the second is worth 13 million.

Emelec, the team in this country with the most expensive payroll in 2023, is the team outside of Brazil and Argentina with the highest value in the Copa Sudamericana, its squad is valued at 20 million euros. Liga de Quito, the other club in the group stage, costs 16 million.


Colo Colo and Universidad Católica represent the highest-priced squads from this country in Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana, respectively. The 'El Cacique' team has a market value of 21 million euros, while 'Los Cruzados' are valued at 14 million.


In the Copa Libertadores, Alianza Lima, with a value of 16 million, and Sporting de Cristal, with a payroll valued at 14 million, are the best valued Peruvian teams in this tournament. On the other hand, Universitario is the best in the Copa Sudamericana, the team has a price of 12 million.


With a price tag of 16 and 11 million euros, Bolívar and The Stongest are the best estimated clubs in terms of value in the Copa Libertadores. In the South American Cup, Blooming and Oriente Petrolero have squads worth 10 and 9 million euros. The 4 teams will play the group stage in their respective tournaments.


Among the lowest-cost squads are those from this country, Metropolitanos and Monagas participate in the Copa Libertadores, the first team is valued at 6 million euros, while the second costs 5 million.

In the Copa Sudamericana, Deportivo Táchira and Caracas are the representatives of Venezuelan soccer and have a value equal to that of the teams that will be in Libertadores.

These statistics confirm the superiority that Brazil currently has, a country that has been making large investments in recent seasons, something that the teams of other Latin American countries have not done. In addition to this, it is necessary to highlight the number of young talents that have left this country, which are essential to boost the economy of these clubs.

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