The story of the young owner of Inter Milan

We tell you the story of this soccer prodigy .

Steven Zhang

Steven Zhang is the youngest president of an elite team in Europe. / Photo:

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In 2018 he became the youngest president of Inter Milan at just 26 years old and is living proof of what money and intelligence can accomplish. This is Zhang Kangyang, more commonly known as Steven Zhang, who is currently at the head of this Italian squad.

He is the son of Chinese billionaire Zhang Jindong, founder of and as his heir he is president of Suning International. The company is a true technological dynasty. What started as an air conditioner store grew into one of the largest internet trading and home appliance companies in China. Such is the fortune of this family that Jindong is the 184th richest person in the world according to Forbes, with a net worth of $ 7.7 billion.

And this capital has been noticed. According to, Zhang's arrival managed to increase the club's economic power by 41%.

In recent months, he has shown that his priority is not only financial gain, but also the health and well-being of his players. In fact, at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, in April, he criticized the president of Series A in a tweet in which he called him “the biggest and darkest clown I have ever seen” for his inappropriate handling of the coronavirus. Well, in Zhang's concept, he was forcing players to ignore protective measures in order to complete the league schedule. Zhang was fined for these comments.


It was also noted in March of this year, when it donated more than 300,000 health and safety implements to the Italian civil protection for the fight against COVID-19.

"FC Internazionale Milano and Suning International decided to donate 300,000 medical masks and other health products, such as protective clothing and disinfectants, to Italian Civil Protection to support the fight against the coronavirus emergency," Inter said in a statement.

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Zhang will seek to lead Inter to victory in the Europa League, as he demonstrated on his Twitter account with a video in which he encouraged fans and his players to seek victory over Sevilla.


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